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Unforgettable Men from Rachelle Ayala #amreading #book #boyfriends

“What makes an unforgettable lover?” by Rachelle Ayala

How many book boyfriends do you have? Be honest now: two, five, ten, more than twenty? Ha, ha, I have to admit I love them all. But instead of me telling you about my book boyfriends, I’m going to let the heroines tell you in their own words.

First up is Jessica Song from Playing the Rookie: A #Played Novella. Here’s what she says about Jay Pak Ahn.

Sexy eyes, confidence, and daring. I love a man who knows what he wants and doesn’t hesitate to get it. He wants me, tells me, and then shows me. Oh boy, does he show me, over and over and over again.

Excerpt from Playing the Rookie

“I’m the man to help you figure it all out. Let’s get comfortable.”

Why does my body instantly ignite at the thought of getting horizontal with Jay? I lick the drool from my lips and finish the rest of my drink. The stout hearty taste of the dark beer mixed with the crisp bite of apples reaches into my dark heart, stirring it with a flood of desires—fantasies I dare not admit even to myself.

Jay raises the volume of the stereo. A bluesy jazz song plays. Enfolding me into his arms, he swings me around the room, his busy hands caressing me, skillfully arousing every inch of my hot, horny body.

But tonight it’s more than that. There’s a gentleness about him, loving, taking his time. His fingers stroke and pet me, deep, warm caresses, nothing harsh or groping. And when his lips take mine he moves languidly, flowing with the music, a steady, sweet rhythm. We drift to the edge of the bed and float onto it like falling leaves. His lips, tongue, and fingers leave nothing untouched, undressing me as if I were made of delicate flower petals.

Ella Kennedy from Played by Love: A #Played Novella on hero Jaden Sloup.

He may seem like a geek, but under the covers, watch out! They always say a goalie has good hands, but Jaden, he’s good everywhere!

Excerpt from Played by Love

Jaden kissed her forehead, caressing the back of her neck and shoulders, felt the tension in her spine. Gently, he placed her head on the bath pillow and wiped the water from her face with his thumbs.

Taking a long match, he lit the candles stuck on ornate candleholders around the bathroom as well as the ones floating in bowls on the wide surround.

She was more beautiful under the lambent lighting, exquisite as fine porcelain. Her blue eyes shone like deep ocean waters, and a pink flush brushed her skin with color.

He spread liquid soap over a washcloth and slid it lovingly around her neck, over her shoulders, easing the tension. Taking her hand, he kissed each finger and rubbed her palm against his face. He smoothed the washcloth around her forearms, working his way past her elbows.

She sucked in a sizzling breath when he grazed the side of her breast and he froze, worried he’d triggered a bad memory. But she placed her hand on his and guided the cloth up to her chest.

Emboldened, he played the washcloth around the globes of her breasts and teased her nipples, pretty as pink rose petals. He couldn’t help kissing them when she arched her back, lifting them above the surface of the water.

“That feels so good,” she moaned, her fingers tickling the back of his neck.

Evie Sánchez has some choice words to say about her Romeo from Taming Romeo

Romeo’s arrogant. He knows he’s good, and then some. Who else can shake me to the boots and melt me with a kiss? Sometimes I’m so frustrated I want to bonk him on the head, but then he gets me in the shower, the hot tub, and on his bike. Did I mention his bike and the motor between his legs? Yow! Tankslapper!!!

Excerpt from Taming Romeo

He lays his head on one of the king size pillows and cradles it, his eyes intent, but calm.

“What do you intend to do?” I crawl to his side, my dress shielding my breasts.

A grin slowly stretches his face. “I’m going to show you what you’re going to miss for the rest of your comfortable life. I’m going to completely and utterly ruin you for Eric and any other man who thinks he’s going to fulfill your dreams. Say the word, Evie, and I’ll make you forget how you can possibly exist without me.”

“Arrogant, aren’t you? And what if I tell you to walk?”

He flexes his arms and puts his hands behind his head, looking up at the ceiling. “I think you already know what you’ll be walking away from.”

And who can forget panty-melting Zach Spencer from Knowing Vera?

From Shirtless Daily
Vera certainly can’t, and neither can I. Here are her thoughts on him.

Zach was never really a bad boy. Sure, girls love him and he’s like honey to a bee. And he’s got that deadly smile and the deep blue eyes. Zach’s a survivor. What I most admire about him is his determination. Even losing a leg doesn’t keep Zach from being a hero. My hero.

Excerpt from Knowing Vera

Heat flashes through my chest and swirls through my abdomen. His scent, spicy and smoky, lights a raging fire between my legs. Every nerve on my body aches that sweet, languorous ache, the primitive, gut-level need of a woman for her man. Mine, because everything he does shows me he loves me; and everything I am belongs only to him.

We roll on the soft sand and I’m on top of him when we come up for air. The moon reflects in his deep blue eyes, and we’re both breathing hard. This. Time. Is. Different. Not lust, but more—much, much more.

His expression is so intense it burns me, piercing through my heart. He’s just as afraid as I am. I have to show him how precious he is, how willing I am to risk everything for him.

“Zach.” I press my hands on his firm chest. “I am devoted to you. I want to be the one.”

“You already are.”

And finally, everyone’s favorite barista and bad boy do-gooder, Dylan Jewell from Whole Latte Love

Carina? Please say a few words.
He’s changed my life. I’ve never met a guy with a bigger heart. He even took care of his ex-girlfriend’s tarantula and bearded dragon. He’s always picking up strays and I’m so glad he picked me up. Dylan and love just go together.

Excerpt from Whole Latte Love

“I don’t scare easily.” Carina marched toward her old room where she’d left her work clothes. She made a show of yawning.

Dylan framed himself at her door. “Don’t close your eyes, because I’m going for the shower if you aren’t.”

He snugged his shirt over his shoulders and threw it across the room. Palming the back of his head, he tightened his abdominal muscles and rolled his hips.

Carina covered her mouth and backed into her bed, her eyes glued to the bulge below his waist.

“Like what you see?” He rubbed his chest and sides while prowling toward her. His focus intent on his prey, he slipped one finger under his waistband. “Let’s see how brave you really are. Shall I drop the shorts?”

There you have it, unforgettable heroes and why I love all my book boyfriends.

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