Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#BookReview Romancing Christmas Story #2 - Shades of Holly by H. D. Thomson #romanticsuspense

Title: Shades of Holly
Author: H.D. Thomson
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This Christmas story was also unexpected. It centers around a magical pair of sunglasses that gives Zach, a recovering alcoholic, visions of the past and future, kind of like the ghosts of Christmas past and future.

Anyway, Zach is still in love with Holly, but she has moved on and has a new boyfriend, Dean. Unfortunately, both Zach and Holly's mother are convinced Dean is dangerous. Zach also sees disturbing visions in the sunglasses, but how the heck is he supposed to explain all of this to Holly without seeming like a lunatic ex-boyfriend?

This story was fun and fast paced. I loved the chemistry between Zach and Holly. Unfortunately, the novella format doesn't really suit suspense and mystery because by necessity, things are rushed and the culprit showed his true colors too quickly.

Everything is solved two days before Christmas and Zach and Holly have their merriest and most memorable tree trimming ever! A feel good story with a touch of danger.

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