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#CoverReveal Racquel Reck's Frozen Afflictions,Book #2 in the Afflictions Series #newadult #romance

Frozen Afflictions (Afflictions #2) by Racquel Reck

Release Date: June 2015
Cover Design: Amanda Simpson at Pixel Mischief Designs
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Frozen emotions of the afflicted...
Tryst Kelly's parents made him want for nothing growing up, except their love. It turned him into an emotionally closed off man. But it's not just their lack of care that's made him this way. He did something in his past. Something unforgivable. Nothing can banish the hallucinations that plague him. Not his band. Not his new found friends. 

When the dead start to rise, can Tryst protect himself, and the woman he loves, from the truth?

A burning desire for love...

Bebe Wiseler parties her way through life. From one bed to the next she's completely content with being alone. Until an old crush awakens a need in her she didn't know she had. She's prepared to put her heart on the line to obtain her shot at happiness.

When a past lover resurfaces and his sole intent is revenge, will Bebe break through Tryst's frozen exterior in time?

Bebe is the only one who can make him feel.

Tryst is the only man who truly cares.

The past isn't done with either of them...and it's about annihilate everything.

Already available in the series - Razor’s Edge (Afflictions Book One):

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About the Author:

Always a fan of books, Racquel began reading at the age of six.  Yes, she started early.  It fueled her imagination and she began writing her own stories at the age of ten.  Then her writing took a backseat when she discovered drama class in high school.

Becoming an actor was what she wanted to do with her life, but she changed her mind.  “I felt like I needed to do something more meaningful and planned on becoming a nurse’s assistant.”  She went to college for her CNA, but again not the career choice for her. 

When she turned twenty she met her husband, and shortly after, their daughter came.  All the while she had these voices in her head, these characters begging her to tell their stories.  “I put the mute button on them until I became pregnant with my son, now I can’t get them to shut up.”  She wrote five unpublished novels before her son turned three.  She hopes that her stories will be inspirational for people going through the same problems as her characters.

Instead of going the traditional route, sending out querys and receiving rejection letters, she decided to take on the world of indie publishing.  She writes contemporary and paranormal romances and hopes to one day step out side her genre and write a horror novel.

She resides just outside Detroit, Michigan with her husband, two children, two cats and a dog.  Summer days are spent at the race track and when night time falls, her secret worlds come alive.  

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READ an Excerpt:

My frozen exterior melts with her words. Rational thought burned away by this little woman against me. This time it’s me who initiates the first stroke of our tongues. Bebe moans and tries to get closer, going up on her tip toes. Even in her heels it’s hard for her to be at the height she needs to be. She squirms and as her nails lightly rake down the back of my neck, my cock roars to life.
I palm her tight ass, hauling her up. Never braking the connection with our mouths, I slam her against the wall and dive deeper into our kiss. Every cell in my body is on fire, spurred on by her tiny moans and frantic grinds against my cock.
Her tongue tastes like peppermint, and her body feels like heaven. I want more. More of this feeling she’s giving me.
The want.
The urge to keep her safe in my—
“F*ck me, Tryst.”
Everything ices over. “What?”
“F*ck me.” She nuzzles the side of my neck.
That simple phrase reminds me why I don't go here with her. How many times has she said those exact same words to other dudes? I set her down and slowly back away. “No.”
Her brows scrunch. “What? But I thought—”
“It was a mistake.”
She cocks her hip to the side and shakes her head. “You’re something else. You know that. This is exactly what I was talking about. You’re confusing the hell out of me. First you’re all about it then you're not? You are a hard man to read.”
I clench my jaw, mad at myself because she’s right. I’m pissed I gave in.
"Be honest." Gary is leaning up against the archway into my kitchen. "You want to bang the hell out of my little sister. But you're afraid to." He laughs. "Scared she'll find out the truth about who you really are."
The snapping of manicured fingers in front of my face makes the vision of Gary disappear. I blink.
“What is wrong with you?”
You don't know how many times I've asked myself that same question. I stare at the archway where Gary once was, but it's now vacant.
“Tryst.” Bebe claps a hand in front of me.  "What alien ship beamed up your brain?”
“You should go.” I turn, and head toward the living room. TV. There’s always an episode of Law and Order on. I need to take my mind off the woman who doesn’t know when to stop, and the ghost who finds it funny to haunt me. I grab the remote off my coffee table then park my ass on my black leather couch.
“I’m not leaving.” Bebe plops down next to me.
“It’s almost two. Thought you were fishing tonight.” I turn on the TV, flicking through channels, pretending I’m looking for something.
With her sitting next to me it’s hard to concentrate. The fruity smell of her perfume, the way she scoots closer every second or so, like she’s testing my boundaries, makes it almost damn near impossible to keep my eyes on the screen.
“Maybe I already caught a shark, and I’m waiting to see if he’ll take a bite.” She runs her hand down my chest, lightly skimming around the scratch marks left by my fans. Under my skin, the blood in my veins follows her hand south. She plays around the top of my jeans, not quite letting her hand brush my bulge.
I drop the remote and go still. Trying with everything I have, I grind my jaw to hold in a groan.
Leaning in, she sucks on my neck. Making her way to my ear lobe, she says, "Maybe I’ll bite him instead.”

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