Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jessica gets an Inner Goddess on PLAYING THE ROOKIE #baseball #romance

In other news, character Jessica Song, hospitality intern for the Cactus League Spring Training in Phoenix Arizona has new internal conflict.

Yep, Inner G, or G for short, sometimes referred to as "Spot" is haunting Jessica Song as she tries to snag her ballplayer, rookie Jay Pak Ahn, Korean fastball pitcher.

If you've downloaded Playing the Rookie before, please update your copy (Free, if you have a Kindle, configure it for automatic update) and tell me whether G annoys you, cracks you up, or you just want her to leave. Bonus if you like how she meets her demise. Shhh... don't tell anyone.


G looks up from her solitaire spread, You have to kiss a lot of frogs, Jessie, before you meet your prince.
I’m tired of frog kissing, you know. A girl’s lips can only take so much. Besides, frogs eat flies, and that’s plain gross.
Not if they’re Greek.
You know, G, Greek guys aren’t that great in the showering department.
She goes back to her game of solitaire.


Stop! Stop! Stop! Goddess guard dog shouts so loud my ears are ringing.
“No, go, go.” I clap my hands over my ears. “Go away—slut shame someone else, why don’t you?”
Oh shit. I said that out loud.
Jay’s eyebrows are creased and his face is long, eyes wide. “I, I didn’t mean it. I call you wild tigress because you’re powerful and stir me up. You’re not a slut. Sorry.”
He backs away from me and stands. “Do you want me to leave?”
Whoosh. My body goes from hot and heavenly to cold and hollow. Every spark and tingle and zing flattens like a deflated jump house.
“No, please, I’m sorry. I was just talking to myself.” I push my inner cock-block’s face under the mattress and give it a bounce.
Looking contrite, Jay gathers my hands in his and presses them against his lips. “I have not respected you. I apologize. Why don’t we start over? Let me leave now and court you properly. Should I ask your father for permission?”
“Puh-please, no.” I sweep his bangs from his eyes. “But you have my permission to court me and bed me.”
A grin lifts his cheeks and crinkles his eyes. “Then let’s get busy courting and bedding.”

I give up. I’m taking a licking and joining in. Inner G-spot spreads her legs. He better not forget me to tickle me plenty.

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