Saturday, May 23, 2015

Surfing, Sand, Sharks, Oh My! Announcing Leap, Laugh, Love, a #RemingtonWorld #Romance

Hello Readers, Hope you have great plans for the Memorial Day weekend. I'm excited to announce my latest romance. It's about a professional women surfer who has a scary encounter with a shark. Writing the story got me remembering my surfer friends, who thankfully have never met a shark, as well as finding out all about shark tagging.

Did you know that famous sharks have internet accounts: facebook, twitter, and websites? And there's a Shark Tracking App you can use to track the movements of tagged sharks?

While writing my book, I paid special attention to two of the sharks, Mary Lee, and Cate Ells. Mary in particular was working her way up the Atlantic Coast, past Atlantic City and even made it to Jones Beach, outside New York City. She seemed to be on her way to Cape Cod!

Anyway, my lovers, Kerry and Finn, are visiting a vacation cottage in Montauk, New York, at the eastern end of Long Island. Montauk is actually the original home of Jaws, the book written by Peter Benchley which put Great White Sharks on the map. The book is set in Montauk, even though the movie was moved to Cape Cod. Anyway, I love Montauk now, after writing my book, and I hope you will enjoy Kerry and Finn's surfing, sand, and shark romance! It's no wonder Montauk is called 'The End' and I would add, Happily.

Happy Memorial Day! Remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so you and I can enjoy our freedom.

Leap, Laugh, Love will be available at Amazon ONLY on Tuesday, May 26, but you may bookmark this link (it will be updated to point to the download URL). Leap, Laugh, Love – by Rachelle Ayala

I'm also inviting you to a Launch Party, May 26, 2015 from 7:00 - 8:30 Eastern Time [4:00 - 5:30 Pacific] at my Fabulous and Fun Reader's Club
There will be prizes, giveaways, games and fun chatting with 3 of the Remington World authors: Zoe York, Elena Aitken, and Rachelle Ayala [that's me].

Last thing: Everything in the book is fictional. Don't try what my characters did in real life! The Montauk police will not appreciate it and neither will the sharks. :)

Join CLUB RACHELLE AYALA for the party.

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