Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Going on Vacation? To the Beach? Pick up The Remingtons: Romances from Melissa Foster's Kindle World

Surf's up and it's time for some fun in the sand and the sun. If you haven't read Kerry and Finn's vacation romance, Leap, Laugh, Love, get it now [http://bit.ly/LeapLaughLove], and jump in the water -- if you dare!

Hey there Romance Lovers!
Fun and fast beach and vacation reads just in time for summer fun on your Kindle.

From Rachelle Ayala comes a surprising vacation romance between a professional surfer bitten by a shark and an emotionally scarred Army Ranger in Leap, Laugh, Love

Zoe York presents a gritty New York City cop with a sexy fashion reporter looking for click-bait but finding love in Love on the Record

A sweet and steamy story about a florist named Daisy and a real estate mogul named Ben headed for a developmental collision comes from Elena Aitken in Love Me, Love Me Not

Kaira Rouda delves into the world of high fashion and rock and roll with her love at first sight romance between a small town aspiring model and a jaded celebrity in Spotlight on Love

Meanwhile, Ella James presents survivor's guilt and a grieving widower finding his future with feisty bartender running from scars of her own in Love on the Rocks

From Melissa Storm comes a sweet girlfriend adventure where Siena Remington and best friend Lousie Stark arrive in Texas and meet up with a star bronco rider in A Texas Kind of Love

Stacy Eaton dishes up a hard-boiled drama of a physician determined to uncover why a woman he meets at a bar is satisfied with a series of meaningless one night stands. But can he take the challenge he sets up in Cured by Love?

Finally, the super sweet Amy Manemann scores with a romance between candy rivals and accusations of a stolen salt water taffy recipe in Pulled by Love.

So, there you have it! Eight brand spanking new romances in one Fabulous Remington World based off Melissa Foster's Series: The Remingtons

SEE THE BOOKS HERE -->> http://bit.ly/RemiKindleWorld

Note: Remington World romances are NOT written by Melissa Foster, the world owner. They are fan fiction stories using Melissa's Remington family characters. To read the originals, please pick up Melissa's stories.
-->> http://bit.ly/MFRemington

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