Monday, August 17, 2015

Exclusive Reading Opportunity - Presenting Four (4) ARCs from Christmas Pets & Kisses #amreading

Hey readers, anyone up for Christmas reading? I have an exciting opportunity for reading and reviewing four not-yet-published sweet Christmas romance novellas from our upcoming boxed set, Christmas Pets & Kisses [release date Oct 6, 2015].

Four of the authors have agreed to make their stories available for early readers. [Please read the descriptions and scroll down for details on how to join my reader's group.]

From NY Times Bestselling Author Mona Risk - Two Loves for Christmas

Tabloid pictures of charming laywer, Josh Dutton, threaten his father's senatorial campaign. The family decides he needs a sweet 'temporary fiancée' to repair the damage. With only her German shepherd for friend, Emma struggles with problems. Attraction sizzles between Josh and Emma but no one mentions the 'fake fiancée' detail. When the truth surfaces will Josh be able to prove that his kisses were not part of a charade?

Rachelle Ayala presents Christmas Lovebirds

Melisa Hart has a soft spot for her brother Connor’s ex-best buddy, Rob Reed, who slept with Connor’s girlfriend. When her pet lovebird is mixed up with Rob’s, Melisa discovers he’s always cared about her. Can two little lovebirds and Christmas cheer open Melisa’s heart to giving Rob another chance?

From award-winning author Jade Kerrion, we have Graced

Connor Bradley doesn’t have time for distractions, not while juggling single parenthood and his clinic on five hours of sleep a night. He most certainly doesn’t have time for Noelle, the high school flirt, who is prettier and more irresistible than he remembers. When Noelle's father’s heart attack derails Connor’s plans for his first Christmas without his wife, Noelle wants to save the day for his adorable children, but can she also find her way into Connor’s guarded heart?

and Aubrey Wynne gives us a timeless tale in Dante's Gift

Seventy years ago, a collie mix brought two hearts together in war torn Italy. Will their story help their grandson find his own Christmas love?

All these stories are brand new and never published before. They won't be available to the general public until October 6, when Christmas Pets & Kisses releases, but if you would agree to read and put up a review for the stories and the boxed set pre-release, please join my Reader's Club to request an ARC.

I hope to see you there. We have a fun and friendly group and you'll also be able to chat we me and these three authors about our projects. Thanks!

Please also pre-order Christmas Pets & Kisses: 16 Sweet Holiday Romances to get the other 12 heartwarming stories.

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