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#AuthorInterview Nancy Radke - sweet romance, cowboys, and suspense Round Table Chat with annamaria

Round Table Chat

Here I am again with another installment of the Round Table. Today I'll be chatting with Nancy Radke. Won't you please help me to welcome another author in the Christmas Pets & Kisses box set. Hello Nancy, I'm so glad you could join me. I have so many questions and so little time. Would you, please, tell us what brought you into the world of romance and writing?

Nancy - I always made up stories that reflected whatever type of books I was reading at the time. I went from Zane Gray westerns to WWII bibliographies to Alistair MacLean mysteries. Then, while living in Hawaii, I checked out a Lucy Walker book, which was a romance set in Australia. I read all the Lucy Walker series, and was hooked on sweet romances. These included Isobel Chase, Mary Wibberly, Jane Donnelly, Amanda Doyle, and Mary Stewart. I haunted the used bookstores to get all their back issues. I read other authors, but these remained my favorites. I still have all their books.
annamaria - Have you read Madam will you Talk by Mary Stewart? My mother owned the paperback.

Nancy - Yes, it was one of my favorites. Nine Coaches Waiting, and Moonspinners were two others. But in Madame Will You Talk, her former husband had been a RAF pilot and loved speed, so she could drive sports cars, very fast, and used one as a weapon. I remember one car being a Bentley. She wrote in first person, as I do with my Trahern stories. They are people's favorites, and break all the rules for what should sell. (Ist person, not plotted, Western, no sex/swearing, a lot of telling, shorter, sometimes opposite hero/heroine doesn't come on the stage for several chapters, some Southern dialect.) I had planned to only write one, and am working on # 14. Who knows what will work?

annamaria - Well, Nancy, I believe rules are made to be broken, but can only be broken if you have a full understanding of the rule. But I'm curious to know, are you a pen and paper or computer writer?

Nancy - I had majored in education, with a minor in art and English, so it wasn't difficult to take the next step. I bought one of the first computers (MS dos) and wrote Appaloosa Blues and sent it to Harlequin. I also joined RWA and a critique group, and signed up for my first Emerald City Conference. The Harlequin editor I saw happened to have liked my story and recited the plot back to me, which I thought was amazing. She encouraged me to keep writing. I wrote a book a year.

annamaria - The harlequin editor, did he/she end up publishing the novel or did she just encourage you to continue writing?

Nancy - She didn't publish the book. It wasn't that well written. I published seven books before coming back and re-writing that one. Appaloosa Blues. So it made #8 of my Sisters series.

annamaria - What was your first published Indie book?

Nancy - So my first book as an Indie author was the second book that LionHearted wanted. Closed Doors. Sisters #2. They also wanted #3 Stolen Secrets and #4 Courage Dares, but I didn't want to add any sex scenes, so published them myself, in that order. These books were all written, I just needed to bring them up to date (cell phones and such). So one traditional (Turnagain Love) and the rest indie. When all my pre-written modern books were out, Jacquie Roberts remembered my western, so I slapped an ending on it. BIG RESPONSE. From men and women. I love writing the Trahern series, as I just start them and write, and see where they go. Much more fun than plotting first.

annamaria - excuse me, nancy. Sorry to interrupt but who is Jacquie Rogers?

Nancy - Jacquie Rogers is a long time friend, has been with me most of my writing career. She writes humor. She talked me into being a conference chair, at least 6-7 times. She knew when my husband died, and called to get me to write again. I needed to make some extra money.

annamaria - Please continue with your story.

Nancy - My husband of 51 years had just died, and I needed more income, so that all started me writing again. Jacquie also remembered my western novella, and pushed me to finish it. The westerns outsold everything, so I wrote 13 of them, writing about one every two months. Currently on #14 and they still sell well. I tried to emulate Jacqueline Gilbert's series romances and Louis L'Amour's western Sackett series, which are favorites of mine.

annamaria - How many books have you published so far in your writing career?

Nancy - I have 24 books written, so 23 indie and 1 traditional. I prefer NOT having to please an editor, especially with my western books that follow no pattern at all. I do research as I go along, so am discovering things as I write.

annamaria - That's wonderful. Nancy I'm so glad we had this opportunity to chat. I would love to have you back and chat some more about your various series and your collaboration with your son.

Nancy - Thank you for inviting me. This was fun to do and I look forward to future chats with you.

07-ChristmasOnCougarMountain-Nancy Radke


Hard-working Zoey is dedicated to helping children learn, and has built her business to the neglect of having a family. When she rescues a dog on the freeway, she discovers that the escape artist brings a family with him, including a boy she would like to help, and as love grows, a man she would like to keep. But will Kellen ever trust her to help his son, much less give her his heart?

A widower, Kellen's life revolves around keeping his son safe, which is why he moved from California. The teachers want him tested, and perhaps put on drugs, while Kellen views drugs as a last resort. Then Zoey mentions the one week program she uses. Kellen knows that if it looks too good to be true, then it is usually worthless. How could he be falling in love with a woman running a scam?

Nancy Radke

About the Author:

Nancy Radke, started out writing full-length, modern romance and suspense stories, then switched to novella length for her western series, The Traherns, and now writes both, usually two or three books at the same time. She has published ten Sisters of Spirit books, including Christmas on Cougar Mountain, thirteen Trahern books, and one book of a new Brothers of Spirit series. A former special education teacher, her education background shows when she includes history, or in this case, reading problems, in her books. Her books are G-rated, no sex, no swearing.

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