Friday, October 9, 2015

#XmasPets - Christmas Pets & Kisses Boxed Set Hits Amazon Bestselling Lists #amreading

Dear Readers! We're so excited about Christmas Pets and Kisses. We released it Tuesday, Oct 6 and by Wednesday, we hit the top Amazon lists: #1 Holiday Fiction, #51 Overall [all books sold at Amazon], and #1 Romance Collections.

Thank you all for buying and reading. I really, really hope you enjoy the stories and as always, I totally had a ball writing Christmas Lovebirds as well as working with the fabulous authors in the set. Now, we're hoping, fingers and toes crossed, we'll make the USA Today list. But we'll need your help! If you're still planning on buying, please do so before Sunday so it will count for the list. If you've bought already, a big THANK YOU. If you know friends and family who'd love Christmas with puppies, kittens, birdies, and yes, a horse and a ferret, please consider gifting it. Every little bit counts and we are delighted to bring you this set for Christmas.

Remember! By Sunday, please.


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