Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#NewRelease CHRISTMAS LOVEBIRDS - Introducing the Hart Family #Sweetromance @AyalaRachelle

Love is in the air, especially around Christmas time. Meet the Hart family in my new sweet Have A Hart series. These romances are PG-rated, clean and wholesome, just in time for the holidays.

Melisa Hart has a soft spot for her brother Connor’s ex-best buddy, Rob Reed. Unfortunately, Rob slept with Connor’s girlfriend and is no longer welcome with any of the Harts.

Melisa lends her pet lovebird for a Christmas Toy Drive, but a mix-up brings her face to face with Rob and his lovebird. Melisa is drawn into a whirlwind romance with Rob and discovers he hasn’t told her the entire story.

Can two little lovebirds and Christmas cheer open Melisa’s heart to giving Rob another chance?


He took a breather and stared into her eyes, knowing he was grinning and not caring one bit. “You know what I want to do?”

She lowered her gaze and bit her lip. “Whatever you want.”

“Yeah, I got that the first time.” A shiver went through his spine and he trailed a finger down the side of her cheek. “I want to cherish you, hold you close, make you happy. I want you to feel loved, but also give you wings to fly. Protect you. Let you explore, conquer, and do, knowing I’ll be here whenever you need and want me.”

Her eyes sparkled along with the look of wonder on her face. “That’s the most romantic thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

His heart blossomed full of love and happiness. “That’s what I want to be for you. The guy who’ll celebrate your successes, cheer you on, but wipe the tears when you fall, then pick you back up.”

“You’re too perfect. What’s going to happen?” Her brows furrowed. “Am I dreaming? Or did you put something in those pain pills?”

He chuckled and dotted a kiss on her cheek. “Speaking of, let me check your hand and the swelling. If you’re able to tolerate it, we’ll get you onto Tylenol, then you won’t be fuzzyheaded and have an excuse for kissing me.”

“No excuse needed. I had a crush on you forever, but I guess no one told you.”

“No one did. Family code of silence?”

“You make us Harts sound like the Mafia, but true.”

“Guess it cuts both ways then.” He tipped her chin and rubbed his nose on hers. “Because all the Reeds knew how I felt about you and no one told.”

About Have a Hart Romances:

Fall in love with the Hart Family of firefighters. Brave, caring, and compassionate, they put themselves in danger and don't expect any applause. Their motto is "Heart Comes First," and they put their hearts in their family, jobs, and their animal friends. Join each of the Hart brothers and sisters as they find the one heart destined for their love, along with a cute little pet bird, puppy, kitten or more.

Connor (Spring Fling Kitty, #3)
Twins: Jenna (Valentine Hound Dog, #2) and Grady
Melisa (Christmas Lovebird, #1 - Available NOW)

About the Author
Rachelle Ayala is a bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Her foremost goal is to take readers on a shared emotional journey with her characters as they grow and become more true to themselves. Rachelle believes in the power of love to overcome obstacles and feels that everyone should find love as often as possible, especially if it's within the pages of a book.

Her book, Knowing Vera, won the 2015 Angie Ovation Award, and A Father for Christmas garnered a 2015 Readers’ Favorite Gold Award.

She is also a writing teacher and founder of the Romance In A Month writing community. She lives in California with her husband and has three children and two birds.

Hello everyone. I am a writer who loves to combine romance with suspense and humor. My foremost goal is to take you, the reader, on a shared emotional journey with me as my characters grow and become more true to themselves. I believe stories are the means for us to connect and experience life in new ways. As a writer, I’m privileged to share my private dreams and visions with readers. I’m a romantic. I believe in the power of love to overcome obstacles and feel that everyone should find love as often as possible, even if it's within the pages of a book. Happy reading and loving!

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