Friday, February 26, 2016

Kindle Countdown Deal! PLAYING CATCH: Baseball Romance @AyalaRachelle 99c Leap Weekend only

Hey friends, Happy Leap Weekend! It's the last weekend before baseball begins, and the perfect time for a spring training romance. Can you smell the fresh cut grass, hear the crack of the bat, taste the salt of the hotdog? Then you're ready for a hot baseball romance that will knock your heart out of the park.

They say curiosity killed the catcher ... didn't they?

Catcher Kirk Kennedy has never met a puzzle he can't solve. Not until he meets bartender Jeanine Jewell on her walk of shame. There's something about the hot blonde that doesn't add up. What he finds knocks his balls out of the park and could very well end his days behind the plate.

Kirk and Jeanine's extreme love story will grab your heart, wring it out, and give you that sweet, well-deserved release. See what reviewers mean when they say how intense and rewarding it is, and pick up your copy today.

Trigger Warning: The heroine was sexually abused by her foster father and has flashbacks.
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Read the reviews. Visit My Blog Tour and Giveaway going on right now with Beck Valley Books, and don't forget to pick it up for 99c [Leap Weekend ONLY]. Mahalo!

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