Saturday, February 20, 2016

Love Story in Song - Pray for Joey+Rory #lovestories #lifeoffaith

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Joey Martin and Rory Feek are a country duet, but much, much more than that, they are a real, true-to-life, love story. Recently, I've been praying for them, binge reading their blog, and listening to their songs. Joey is in a battle for her life, fighting to see each new day, staying strong for her husband and darling little two-year-old daughter, Indiana.

And as I listen to their songs, I realize that their amazing love story is all written in the songs that Rory writes and Joey sings. The experience of saying goodbye to someone you love, the yearning for a loved one after they're gone, the simple farmhouse life they come from, and the places they've gone.

While I'm writing, Joey sings The Life of a Song. In it, she wishes she could change the world through a song. Her song lives forever, and as she says, it never dies, it touches many lives. Joey may not know it, but she IS living the life of a song.

Here is a picture of the two lovers starting their fantastic journey. The wonder and excitement of touching so many lives is in their eyes.

CMA week has been busy... now we're flying to Europe! We're playing shows in Scotland and Ireland this week.
Posted by Joey and Rory on Sunday, November 15, 2009
Every day she is here with us is a miracle, but someday, she will fly away, free as a bird. Her life and legacy stays with us forever, not only in a three minute song, but in the chords of our hearts. She asks, "If I were to leave here tomorrow, would you remember me?"
What Was by Rachelle Ayala [dedicated to Joey Martin Feek]
Before there was ever a song
there was love.
Before there was ever a story
there was love.
Before there was ever a life
there was love.
And before there was love
there is GOD. 
Joey+Rory's newest album is out with the Hymns that are so meaningful to them. Pray for Joey, pray for peace and comfort, and most of all give glory to the Lord at this time. "Take my hand, Precious Lord, lead me home."
[UPDATE!!! Hymns is #1 on Billboard this week for Country and Christian Album. To God be the Glory!] And please, keep praying for more miracles.


  1. Such a great tribute to them Claire...

  2. It breaks my heart that she's so sick. She wasn't supposed to make it thru Thanksgiving, so a part of me is hoping they're trying alternative treatments that might be working, although I'm afraid to hope to hard.

    1. Now that they are solely relying on God, it's time for Him to bring out his miracles. I'm praying she'll go home to Tennessee to tend her garden and live. Listen to her song "Turning to the Light."