Saturday, February 13, 2016

This Valentine's Day - Give yourself a Hound Dog - Waaaoroooah!!! #sweetromance

Meet Harley. He started out life as a rescue puppy named Little Treat, because he was always hungry for treats. But along came a man named Larry, a janitor who found Little Treat looking for a meal behind a Dumpster. So Little Treat became Harley, a more manly name, don't you think?

Until a fashion designer named Jenna Hart claimed Harley as her Little Treat. She met Larry and decided he would be a bigger Treat, except there was one problem. Larry had been burned by both love and a huge fire, wearing scars on his heart and over fifty percent of his body.

Can a basset hound puppy help Jenna Hart show Larry that both beauty and love are never skin deep, but strikes straight through the heart?

Valentine Hound Dog is Available Now, in both Ebook and Paperback form [regular and large print]

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