Friday, March 4, 2016

#NewRelease BLUSH OF LOVE - how to reform a bad boy - #RemingtonWorld novella

Hey Readers, I've got something new for you! If you enjoy Melissa Foster's Love in Bloom series, you'll love my fan fiction featuring characters from the Remington family. BLUSH OF LOVE is my second Remington World romance and a hot, sweet mess. Bad boy Gunner Gibson is about to be sent to reform school, courtesy of video game designer Safire Chu. Watch what happens!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the man pig were to meet the perfect woman?

Talented video game designer Safire Chu is gun-shy when it comes to dating real men, especially since she spends all her time shooting at their avatars. 

Football player Gunner Gibson is nothing but trouble, according to the Remingtons—especially since he tried to use Siena Remington to clean up his bad boy image. 

Now, Gunner wants to cheat on an online video game, so he asks Safire to a New Year’s Eve party while his publicist hacks into the game database through Safire’s computer. 

A bit of champagne and the countdown to the ball drop loosens Safire’s inhibitions. When her company’s newest secret game is pirated, Safire wonders if the man she’s fallen for at first blush is not all he seems. 

Featuring: Gunner Gibson from Melissa Foster’s Flames of Love 
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