Sunday, October 23, 2016

A #1 Release AND a Halloween Party coming up in Erin Nicholas' Sapphire Falls Kindle World

Hey readers! It's been one exciting week for me. Thank you so much for making Love, Christmas - 20 Holiday Stories That will put a Song in your Heart, the #1 book in Holiday Fiction on release day! I hope you are enjoying Love, Christmas. In case you haven't picked it up yet, you won't be disappointed. I've started reading this set, and the stories are heartwarming and brave.

Now for the Halloween Party! Want to go trick or treating in Sapphire Falls? Join me at Club Rachelle Ayala for more!

This Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 13 all-new romances commence in Erin Nicholas's Sapphire Falls - a small town in Nebraska where falling in love is fast and steamy.

Please join Erin's Super Fan Club, then visit 13 authors' fan pages for trick or treating.
Starts 3 pm Eastern time, October 25, 2016

3 pm -- Erin to kick things off
3:30 Angelique Armae 
4:00 Elena Aitken 
4:30 EmKay Conner
5:00 Allison Gatta
5:30 Sydney Somers 
6:00 Patti Fiala 
6:30 Kinsey Holley
7:00 Amanda McIntyre
7:30 Trish Edmisten 
8:00 Samantha Chase 
8:30 Rachelle Ayala 
9:00 Pg Forte
9:30 Katy Alexander
10:00 Erin wraps it up

Don't forget to join my Readers' Club where my actual giveaway will be. [Club Rachelle Ayala]. Please join ahead of time so you can post and play when the time comes. My contribution to Sapphire Falls is Going Haywire.

Giving up sugar right before Halloween. Brilliant.
Going on vacation with an ex. Not so bright.
Honey and her ex-husband, Max, travel to Sapphire Falls to give their two young children the perfect Halloween treat. Max wants Honey back, and he’s counting on the magic of Sapphire Falls to seduce her into a second chance.
Honey is leery of Max and his tricks, but when he woos her with a Halloween romance complete with bonfires, hayrides, parties, and paintball, Honey warms to the idea of a new beginning.
Unfortunately, there's something off about Max that Honey can't put her finger on. When their vacation goes haywire, Honey must decide whether the treat of true love is worth all the terrible tricks life can play.

Get Going Haywire October 25, 2016 on Amazon for your Kindle!

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