Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summers are Hotter in Sapphire Falls - New #KindleWorld Releases

If you love Sapphire Falls, the small town Erin Nicholas created, you'll enjoy these FIVE brand-new Kindle World romances. New characters, new and old friends, mix it up during Sapphire Falls' annual Summer Festival.

Join Lizbeth Selvig, Rachelle Ayala, Trish Edmisten, EmKay Connor, and PG Forte for a summer romp through Sapphire Falls, where falling in love is fast and country heat is hot!

Going From Zero to Sixty by Lizbeth Selvig. Elle Mitchell has a talent for anything mechanical and all things cars. When she applies for a low-level mechanics job in Sapphire Falls, it’s mostly to get away from her big brother’s watchful eye and prove she can handle life on her own. What she can’t handle is the hot new boss, Harley Holt, or his penchant for speed!

Going Gets Hot by Rachelle Ayala. Two geeky scientists, Amber and Chad, arrive in Sapphire Falls in time for the Summer Festival. Hot with new clothes and makeovers, they get more attention than they bargained for.

Going Even Wilder by Trish Edmisten. Jillian Somers and Jackson Wilder are back! It’s been eight months since they admitted their feelings for another, and Jillian’s happier than she ever thought she could be. There’s just one problem. Jackson still hasn’t proposed. When it doesn’t look like he’s going to, Jillian’s sister convinces her to take matters into her own hands and ask him to marry her. Too bad Jackson has other plans....

Going to Pieces by EmKay Connor. A disastrous reunion sends Brooke Jones Roseman running from the only home she’s ever known and into the arms of a stranger who teaches her the real meaning of family.

Going to the Chapel by PG Forte. Gabby Browne and Derek Novello have gone from friends to lovers, and now they’re waiting for their Big Day. But will it be the wedding of their dreams or a total nightmare?

Pick up all FIVE and check out all of the other Sapphire Falls Kindle World books.

If you are outside of the USA, not to worry. Please download this PDF showing you how to buy Kindle World books from outside of the USA. [DOWNLOAD PDF]

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