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Big Christmas Box Set Inspired by Movies You Love! #mgtab

Yes, indeedy! We are already marketing our huge Christmas box set. Huge as in 25 novellas for only 99cents!

Love, Christmas 2: Movies You Love is up for pre-order now.

Sprinkle a little Christmas magic into your life with 25 new, never before published, romances.

Each title - exclusive to this set - is inspired by a favorite holiday movie, spun into a fantastic love story by a NY Times, USA Today, and/or award-winning, bestselling author. The result is a wonderful romance collection full of good cheer for the upcoming holiday season.

This romance collection is a sequel to our first book in The Holiday Series: Love, Christmas 1: Songs of the Heart which was published in 2016 and continues to sell every single month since it was first published.

That collection used the title of an author's favorite holiday song for the title of the novella she wrote for the box set.

This holiday romance collection pays homage to the author's favorite holiday movie. 

Mimi Barbour – A Wonderful Life - Though Rylee works with troubled teens, can she and an angel help a man living a nightmare?

Leanne Banks – A Royal White Christmas - Can a secret prince be a Christmas wish-come-true for a small-town girl?

Joan Reeves – Brianna’s Season For Miracles - Her seductive persona hides what she's ashamed of... What will happen if the man she's fallen for discovers her secret?

Mona Risk – Jingle With My Princess - The doc and the princess... He saves lives, but she may save his heart.

Rebecca York – Can She Get Home for Christmas? - Will a killer stop her from getting home for Christmas?

Jacquie Biggar – Mistletoe Inn - A grieving man finds the greatest gift is love.

Alicia Street – Miracle on Christmas Tree Street - A single mom discovers her business partner is more than he seems.

Nancy Radke – The Holiday (Christmas) - Jodi's house-swap to Maui came with a small dog and a shipwrecked sailor.

Katy Walters –Letters from the Snowman – The snow revealed a precious love.

Stephanie Queen – Holiday Affair - Melissa goes from riches to rags but will she find gold in a holiday affair?

Aileen Fish – Christmas in Connecticut - Can a wounded warrior learn to trust her celebrity chef crush after discovering his secret?

Rachelle Ayala – A Christmas Creek Carol - A reclusive writer is given a one-star review on her life by characters from her past, present, and future.

Dani Haviland – The Polar Xpress - She prefers dogs to men…until she rescues the doctor.

Traci Hall – Love, Actually (By the Sea) - Two strangers. One intimate night. Reunited a year later, can it actually be love?

Taylor Lee – The Ref-er-ee - With a family this discombobulated, it will take a referee to save their Christmas.

Donna Fasano – Her Mr. Miracle - It’s Christmas Eve and Veronica is stuck in a nearly deserted seaside town... She needs a miracle.

Cynthia Cooke – A Christmas to Remember - A Christmas storm. Wedding plans in peril. Has a lost love been found?

Susan Jean Ricci – A Joyous Holiday Inn - Can Twigg restore the joy of Christmas to Chloe’s indifferent heart?

Tamara Ferguson – Two Hearts Home for Christmas - Can a long ago promise of love bring two lonely wounded warriors home for Christmas?

Suzanne Jenkins – Christmas with the Clouds - Tracy isn’t interested in love until an unexpected Christmas visitor changes her heart.

Natalie Ann – How Gavin Stole Christmas- Can Jolene help Gavin find the Christmas spirit when he’s the epitome of Mr. Bah Humbug?

Ev Bishop – A Sharla Brown Christmas - For single parents Sharla and Jake, Christmas is the loneliest time of the year…until it’s not.

Alyssa Bailey – In the Spirit of Christmas - Chase can protect Tara from danger, but can he protect his heart?

Stacy Eaton – Finding Love on Christmas Vacation - Christmas isn't the same for Lucy without her father...until she meets his friend Maverick.

Jen Talty – The Christmas Getaway - A mix-up in reservations leaves a mother and her son to share a cabin with a broken-hearted stranger.

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To celebrate this new collection of holiday romances, we're having a contest!

The winner gets one of the author's romance novels in the collection dedicated to her or him.

To enter the Love, Christmas 2: Movies You Love Contest and get a book dedicated to you and receive a gift copy of the box set, just click here.

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It's Summer in Sapphire Falls - get your summer #romance

Hey everyone! It's Summer in Sapphire Falls, and you know what that means?

The Summer Festival, Kissing on the Ferris Wheel, Booze by the Riverside, Bonfires, Fireworks, and a small-town chock full of sweet and hot romances.

Find your summer love story in Erin Nicholas's complete Sapphire Falls series AND over thirty (30) Kindle World romances by over twenty (20) fan authors.

[Note: The official Amazon Kindle World (fan authors) is going away in July, so load up on your Sapphire Falls fix while the going gets hot. Don't worry, Erin's stories are here to stay, and some of the fan fiction stories will be republished while others will be rewritten.]

My four books in the My Country Heart Series will be republished with permission from Erin Nicholas. There will be some slight cover changes, but my stories will remain. Thanks for reading and supporting my Sapphire Falls family, Honey, Max, Candi, Troy, Ginger, Marsh, Amber, and Chad!

Going Haywire, Honey & Max

Going Toe To Mistletoe, Candi & Troy

Going Hearts Over Heels, Ginger & Marsh

Going Gets Hot, Amber & Chad

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Do you Audio? Win Audible Subscriptions or Audiobooks

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Playing Catch (Men of Spring Baseball Romance) is one of the Audiobooks in the Giveaway.

They say curiosity killed the catcher ... didn't they?
Catcher Kirk Kennedy has never met a puzzle he can't solve. Not until he meets bartender Jeanine Jewell on her walk of shame. There's something about the hot blonde that doesn't add up. What he finds knocks his balls out of the park and could very well end his days behind the plate.
Kirk and Jeanine’s extreme love story will grab your heart, wring it out, and give you that sweet, well-deserved release. See what reviewers mean when they say how intense and rewarding it is, and pick up your copy today.

Listen to a Sample!

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a moment of silence for my bestie’s dear departed husband

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash
Yesterday, a brave and courageous man lost his fight. He was the husband of my best writing friend, the love of her life and a spirited, hardworking, and upstanding fun guy.
I never met him in person, but I met him through her writing. He’s every tender word her hero gave her heroine. Every set of protective arms, every kiss, and every look of care and concern. He’s the guy who created a wonderland of bliss for a woman who’d lost her bearings. He flew his lover on an Air Glider through an enchanted forest so she could feel free and unburdened. He kissed away her tears, and he cradled all her hurts. He showed her his Secret Little Heaven where millions of pink, purple, and white flowers bloom forever and ever. His hand was the one who pulled her out of her nightmares, from the deep waters of her fears. He would go anywhere to find her, even to an unknown and forbidden world–to bring her back to their paradise. He made her a mother and he gave her his best years. He fought for her and he always found her, no matter how far he had to go or what obstacles got in his way. And he would do it all over again, a million times over, as long as she was with him in the end.
He found forever in her love.
Your mommy was and still is my princess. I came back for her when I grew up and we got married and then had the most beautiful little sunshine any daddy would be proud to call his little girl. So no more tears, sweetie.
Hamling, Melisa M. Finding Forever (Finding Forever book #1) (Kindle Locations 4012-4013). Melisa Hamling. Kindle Edition.

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Unforgettable Danger: Love & Trouble - 9 exciting and hot romantic suspense novels, one low price 99c

Love and Trouble add up to Unforgettable Danger in this heart-pounding and thrilling romantic suspense set from NINE New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. Bite your nails as a hooker turned nanny, a determined princess, a ghostly bride, a single mother and more turn up the passion and heat while escaping killers, thieves, and dangerous situations. Meet their brave and protective heroes who prove that love is most UNFORGETTABLE when lives and hearts are on the line. Thrills and heart-melting romance await you in Unforgettable Danger: Love and Trouble.

SWEET FAITH, Mimi Barbour, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: From hooker to nanny, is her transformation possible?

CHASING THE TIARA, Leanne Banks, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author:
A missing tiara, a handsome investigator, a Princess determined to save her sister.... Big trouble...

MAGGIE’S REVENGE, Jacquie Biggar, USA Today bestselling author: DEA Special Agent Maggie Holt is fierce, smart, beautiful-- and in over her head.

FOR SARAH’S SAKE, Mona Risk, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: A two-year-old orphan faces danger and complicates the life of her rescuer and his estranged wife's.

PEACEFUL SLUMBER, Nikki Lynn Barrett, USA Today bestselling author: I was somewhat normal once. Until I died.

THE FRAGRANCE FACTOR, Alicia Street, USA Today bestselling author: When Wesley discovers she is the unwitting keeper of a murdered friend’s secret, she is swept into a race to find the killer—before she becomes his next victim.

DANGEROUS MEMORIES, Donna Fasano, USA Today bestselling author: Waking with amnesia, she wonders what kind of woman she is when two men claim to be her unborn baby's father.

LADY HENRIETTA’S DILEMMA, Katy Walters, USA Today bestselling author: How can she marry without love?

HIDE MY HEART, Rachelle Ayala, USA Today bestselling author: Single mother Amber McKay must hide her baby from danger, and there’s only one man she trusts.

~~ *** ~~

Click here to go to Amazon for Unforgettable Danger: Love and Trouble

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Black Love Books Daily Giveaway April 4 - May 5, 2018

Do you love reading romance books featuring people of color?

Join us on the Reader Love Tour & Giveaway where it’s all about YOU.
Enter daily giveaways for African American, Interracial, and Multicultural Romance books by the participating authors on and several prizes including a six month KU subscription (or $60 Amazon Gift Card).

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Enter for a chance to win!

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Enter to win a copy of Dog Days of Love. [Giveaway ends April 16. USA Residents only]

Can a woman looking for Mr. Perfect settle for a happy-go-lucky Mr. Wrong?

Vanessa Ransom has high standards and she's on the hunt for the perfect man. With limited time for a social life, she hires college dropout Dale Hart to walk her dogs and clean her house. Just for kicks, she decides to motivate him to succeed, only to find herself falling in love with him.

Can Dale show Vanessa that love doesn't come with a perfect report card, or will Vanessa refuse to settle for Dale until he gets his act together?

If you missed the giveaway, please check out Dog Days of Love at your favorite retailer.

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April is #Autism Awareness Month by Rachelle Ayala

A lot of my topics come from my conversations with readers as they tell me about themselves and the people in their families. While writing Blue Chow Christmas, where the main character has Asperger's Syndrome, I got acquainted with a reader whose grandsons have autism. I also learned that Asperger's is now blended into the autism spectrum on the high functioning end.

After finishing Blue Chow Christmas, I got the idea to write about a single mother with two boys: one with autism and the other without. My reader helped me a lot with stories from her family, while I set out to do research. I read blogs, forums, studied nonfiction books, and chatted with my readers. I also watched a movie about Temple Grandin and read her book, Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism. I quickly realized that because autism is a spectrum disorder, everyone is individual in their symptoms and experiences. While there are similarities, there are also vast differences.

I did not want to simply portray my characters with autism in a stereotypical manner, and it helped that I never watched any of the movies like Rain Man. Instead, rather than focusing on the behavioral aspect of autism: the meltdowns, hand-flapping, screaming or repetitive motions, I endeavored to write from the inside out, by understanding what it was that the person felt inside and with the inability to communicate, how their frustration or oversensitive nerves would cause them to act in a certain manner on the outside.

Throughout my writing, I checked in with my friend who would either validate or correct what I wrote. It was very important for me to understand what was going on inside the person who has autism, and not just what was going on around them. My friend pointed me to a book, The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen Year Old Boy with Autism by Naoki Higashida which was a treasure trove. Right before I did the final revision of my manuscript, I also read a fictionalized memoir, Paper In the Wind: Peeling back the lifespan of autism in the wake of tragedy by Olivia Mason-Charles. This book made me really think about what life is like for the caregiver.

I'm pleased to announce that my story, Playing for the Save, won the 2017 Readers' Favorite Gold Award for Realistic Fiction. It is dedicated to my friend, Frances Hampton. It is still a romance, with the hopes and wishes of the single mother, Jamie, for someone to validate her experience and to appreciate her and love her. But it also shows how autism takes over someone's life and isolates them from others. Because of the help I got from my readers, I hope this book will help other readers become aware of autism as well as understand it better and to appreciate and support those caregivers.

Playing for the Save is available at most online retailers. You can also get Blue Chow Christmas, the book that got me and Frances talking from most online retailers.

Cait Hart has been married to Brian Wonder for twelve years,
but does she really know him? The redheaded firefighter is dependable, loyal,
and kind to others, but he's never let her probe his feelings.
Available at your favorite online retailer [CLICK for STORES]

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Read an Excerpt from Hide My Heart #romanticsuspense #sweetromance

A sweet and inspirational romantic suspense from USA Today Bestselling Author Rachelle Ayala
Amber McKay ran away from home to find adventure. She found Hunter instead. Now Amber’s on the run again, and this time she isn’t alone.
Amber returns home to visit her dying grandmother. But she’s hiding from Hunter, and she has a big secret. She turns to the one man she's always trusted. Has he changed and will he help?
99c release week sale! Available on Amazon only.


I wish I could shut the voices.
I wish he’d leave me alone.
But I must keep running. Never stop running.
It’s not just me anymore.
A truck door slams and I jump. Grabbing my suitcase, I peek through the curtains, and my heart slides to the ground.
It’s Hunter.
“Amber! Time to go.”
What do I do now? I can’t go anywhere. Can’t hide. It’s his house, and he’s coming to get me. To make me.
The key slides through the lock. He stomps his boots, once, twice to remove the crushed ice.
“What’s that for?” He slips an annoyed glance at my bulging suitcase. Without waiting for an answer, he yanks my arm. “The appointment is at ten.”
“I’m not going.” I wince at his fingers digging in. For sure, I’ll have a bruise from his iron grip. “Take me to the bus stop.”
“No can do.” He twists my suitcase from me and shoves me out the door. “You’re going to get this taken care of, and you’re going to do exactly what I say.”
He dumps my suitcase in the snowdrift.
“Hey, I need my stuff.”
“Not for the clinic you don’t.” Marching at the pace of death, he strong-arms me to his pickup truck.
“What if I don’t want to?” I jut my lip, knowing I’m pushing him, asking for it.
He slams me against the truck bed and raises his fist.
Stupid me. I blink and cringe, and that’s when he smiles. He knows I’m scared, knows I’m helpless, and it makes him gloat.
“You have no one but me.”
My breath steams in the chilly winter air. “I’m leaving you.”
He snickers and cracks open the door to the cab. “Get in.”
When I don’t move, he picks me up and throws me onto the seat. A jolt of pain stabs and tightens my abdomen. I hold my breath, refusing to give him any satisfaction.
His nostrils flare, and a vein pulses in his temple. “You have nowhere to go, and you know it.”
Of course, he’s right. I have no friends, no money, no job skills. I was homeschooled and don’t know how to work a computer or those fancy little telephones with the screen, but I’m far from helpless. Maybe someone at the clinic can help. Maybe they can look up stuff on their little phones or they have a computer. I must remain calm. I swallow the nausea creeping up my throat and rest my head against the cool window glass as the discomfort in my womb subsides.
Hunter starts up the truck and backs it down the snowy driveway. “There’s no reason to leave after we take care of your little problem.”
“My problem?” As if he didn’t have anything to do with me getting pregnant.
“Look, don’t make me the bad guy here. Not many guys pay for the abortion, and thanks to you running away from home, you don’t have health insurance.”
I fight the tears welling. He’d been the one to take me on this great adventure. He made me believe he’d take care of me. If he cared about me, he’d want our baby, wouldn’t he?
“I want to go home.” I lift my chin stubbornly, knowing that home was the last place I could go in my condition.
Hunter knows it, too. He tosses his head back laughing, “The preacher’s daughter coming home knocked up.”
Chills whip through me. I squeeze my eyes shut and shudder. He’s right. I can’t go back. I didn’t obey my parents, and I’ve shamed them.
They never let me have a normal childhood. They kept me shut in, kept me away from everyone who’d be a bad influence. Which was everyone I could have been friends with. Is it any wonder I hightailed it out of there when I turned eighteen?
And now, I’m in trouble. And I can’t go back.
Hunter swings the pickup, fishtailing out of a turn onto a slushy highway. He reaches for my hand and squeezes it, always too hard. I try not to cringe.
No fear. No fear. I whisper under my breath.
“Babe, you’ll feel one hundred percent better after it’s over. It won’t hurt a bit, and afterward we can celebrate. I’ll take you to that pizza joint you always want to try.”
“Celebrate? The death of our baby?” The words bubble from my throat before I can take them back.
He guns the engine to pass a tractor trailer, then sweeps his hand over his mop of red-brown hair. Eyes blazing, he says, “Stop getting so dramatic about this. We agreed to get rid of it.”
Sure. He agreed and dared me to disagree. Same with everything else. That I move into his cabin, stinking with the pelts of foxes, beavers, and muskrats he traps for a living. That I stay home without a TV, without a telephone, and our nearest neighbor is miles away.
Stupid. You have no job skills. You don’t even know how to work a computer. You were supposed to be a preacher’s wife. Play the piano and pray.
He has me trapped. Just like my parents had. The irony almost makes me laugh. I do laugh. I slam my head back and hit the sliding window behind the bench seat and laugh. When Hunter swept me off with him last summer, I thought I was getting away from home. Seeing the world for the first time. On a grand adventure driving across the country.
“What’s so funny?” He swerves around a lump of frozen deer body parts on the highway. “Look, we’ve been over this a million times. I still want you. I’m just not ready to be a father. I can barely feed you.”
My stomach growls in agreement. I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink because of my appointment. A curl of nausea reminds me why. I cup my hand over my mouth and swallow the bile, noticing the lump in my throat for the first time. “Can’t we get help? Welfare?”
“No. I’m a man and I take care of my own.” He jogs my arm. “Look, I still want you. Care about you. Let’s get it over with.”
As if that’s any consolation. He wants me, but he doesn’t want my baby. Our baby. What kind of man is that?
Miles later, Hunter pulls the pickup into the driveway of a concrete building. Snow swirls around, dusting the windshield as soon as the wipers stop. Everything is a shade of gray, even the crusted snow.
Before he can get out of the truck, I swing open the door and make a run for it. The streets are bereft of bystanders, and a few cars slog through the snowy street.
“Hey, where are you going?” Hunter yells and comes after me.
I approach a man with a woman walking bent over and wrapped in a thick blanket. She staggers as I step in front of her.
“Can you help me? I need to use your phone.” I make my appeal as sweetly as possible.
The woman’s mouth drops open, and she swallows like she’s about to throw up. The male glares at me as if I’m about to mug them.
They avert their eyes and turn back the way they came. That’s when I notice letters missing on the double glass doors proclaiming it a Women’s Health Clinic.
Hunter snags my arm and throws me against the concrete wall. “What the hell you think you’re doing?”
“I, uh, nothing.”
He clamps my neck with one hand, and his pupils narrow into pinpoints. “You get rid of the baby, or I’ll hunt you down and get rid of it myself.”
He’s cutting off my air supply. I grasp at his hand with my fingers, struggling to breath. I can’t do anything but nod.
He lets up the pressure and smiles again. That wide wolfish smile like he knows I’m toast. I have no choice. After Hunter opens the door, a gust of wind pushes me into the clinic along with a flurry of snow.
Without letting me dust myself off, Hunter trudges to the receptionist with me in tow.
I keep my eyes to the splotchy red and brown patterned floor as Hunter signs me in. The waiting room is half full of people, but I don’t stare. Shadows huddle on the chairs, flipping through magazines or facing the flat screen TV tuned to a talk show.
“Amber McKay,” a nurse calls all too soon.
This is it. I don’t look at Hunter. I don’t look back.
I go.

End of Excerpt - to Read Further, buy Hide My Heart: Love and Trouble by Rachelle Ayala

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A Sweet Beach Read Series - Perfect Match

Have you ever wondered what it would be on a blind date in paradise?
Coming May 1st through June 5th 2018!!!
Available for pre-order in April!
Grab your beach umbrella and prepare for six weeks of romance and fun in the sun with a brand-new series brought to you by USA Today bestselling authors…
Six women receive invitations from Dawson Yates, owner of Perfect Match, a brand-new online matchmaking travel agency for a free week-long vacation to the island of her choice. As part of an extensive promotional campaign, Dawson expects to make six perfect matches that he can use to champion his business. The women expect to meet the men of their dreams. What none of them anticipates is the chaos that ensues when six couples who were strangers before agreeing to spend the week together discover that love is a lot more complicated than a match made by computer algorithms.
Join Bree, Marni, Molly, Jade, Ava, and Maeve as they embark on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in the pursuit of love.
Here is Jade's story.

A romance author without a romance. A Navy SEAL looking for a little R&R. What could happen in a week on an island getaway?

For author Jade Reed, romance is for the books. When her bestie cooks up a scheme for the perfect match on a tropical island, Jade sees an opportunity for a writing experience. Who needs a man?

Navy SEAL Aiden Lin needs to unwind. His mom wants a daughter-in-law. She sets him up for a one-week vacation with his perfect match. He doesn’t need a wife yet, but maybe he can have some fun and make his mom happy.

Neither is looking for love though they’re in the right place. Is it the right time, wrong time, or enough time?

Meet the women of Perfect Match!
BREE (Raine English) – May 1, 2018
MARNI (Aileen Fish) – May 8, 2018
MOLLY (Julie Jarnagin) – May 15, 2018
JADE (Rachelle Ayala – May 22, 2018)
AVA (Denise Devine) – May 29, 2018
MAEVE (Josie Riviera) – June 5, 2018
Available for pre-order April 2018
Join Happily Ever After Sweet Romance Readers Group to keep in touch.

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#LKBB March Free for all Giveaway - Roaring Hot!

Welcome to the March FREE For All & Giveaway Event March 12-16!

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Look for my book, Roaring Hot!

Teo Alexiou is an arrogant playboy who gets what he wants. He meets his match in actress Amy Suzuki, a woman he hired to play his girlfriend. The fun starts when he falls for her, and suddenly, the billionaire bad boy is wishing she’d cut the act and show him her true heart.

Pick up the Audiobook for an exciting narration by Charley Ongel.

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Introducing the Perfect Match Series of Romances

Perfect Match Meet the Authors and Cover Reveal

Coming May 1st through June 5th 2018!!!
Available for pre-order in April!

Grab your beach umbrella and prepare for six weeks of romance and fun in the sun with a brand-new series brought to you by USA Today bestselling authors…

Perfect Match!

Six exciting, sweet novellas linked by a unifying theme. You’ll want to read each one!

Six women receive invitations from Dawson Yates, owner of Perfect Match, a brand-new online matchmaking travel agency for a free week-long vacation to the island of her choice. As part of an extensive promotional campaign, Dawson expects to make six perfect matches that he can use to champion his business. The women expect to meet the men of their dreams. What none of them anticipates is the chaos that ensues when six couples who were strangers before agreeing to spend the week together discover that love is a lot more complicated than a match made by computer algorithms.

Join Bree, Marni, Molly, Jade, Ava, and Maeve as they embark on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in the pursuit of love.

Find all the Perfect Match novellas at Amazon!

BREE (Raine English) – May 1, 2018
MARNI (Aileen Fish) – May 8, 2018
MOLLY (Julie Jarnagin) – May 15, 2018
AVA (Denise Devine) – May 29, 2018
MAEVE (Josie Riviera) – June 5, 2018

**$2.99 on Kindle, FREE in Kindle Unlimited**

Meet the authors of Perfect Match!

Raine English (Bree) is a USA Today bestselling author of sweet contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance.

Aileen Fish (Marni) is a USA Today bestselling author of sweet contemporary and Regency historical romance.

Julie Jarnagin (Molly) is a USA Today bestselling author of sweet and inspirational romance.

Rachelle Ayala (Jade) is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense.

Denise Devine (Ava) is a USA Today bestselling author of romantic comedy and contemporary romance.

Josie Riviera (Maeve) is a USA Today bestselling author of sweet contemporary, inspirational, and historical sweet romance.

Watch for the individual Perfect Match covers and book blurbs to follow!

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February is the Month of Love - Quotes from John O'Donohue

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

We all search for love in one form or another. To be loved is to be recognized. To matter to someone out there. To not be so alone.

When we're in love, we are no longer frail. We see beauty and leave the ordinary behind. We no longer feel mortal, at least in the eye of the lover, and the vast universe of possibilities opens up to us.

The Irish poet and philosopher, John O'Donohue describes the awakening of love as

“When love awakens in your life, in the night of your heart, it is like the dawn breaking within you. Where before there was anonymity, now there is intimacy; where before there was fear, now there is courage; where before in your life there was awkwardness, now there is a rhythm of grace and gracefulness; where before you used to be jagged, now you are elegant and in rhythm with your self. When love awakens in your life, it is like a rebirth, a new beginning.”  - John O'DonohueAnam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom
 But what happens if you can't find love?

Fortunately, you have the wellsprings of love within yourself, in the nature of your own soul.

You can search far and in hungry places for love. It is a great consolation to know that there is a wellspring of love within yourself. ... Imagine that nourishing stream of belonging, ease, peace, and delight. Feel, with your visual imagination, the refreshing waters of that well gradually flowing up through the arid earth of the neglected side of your heart. It is helpful to imagine this particularly before you sleep. Then during the night you will be in a constant flow of enrichment and belonging. You will find that when you awake at dawn, there will be a lovely, quiet happiness in your spirit.”  - John O'DonohueAnam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom
He then goes on to say that the only way to preserve love is to maintain that separateness of your own self. That lovers are drawn to the differences between them, and that to preserve your own difference in love, you need plenty of room for your soul to grow and expand.

Love should encourage and free you fully into your full potential.”  - John O'DonohueAnam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom
So, in this month of love, it profits us to remember that love is not found in the Other, but from within, and that while it's exciting and giddy and romantic to be loved by another, the vast possibilities of the universe are yours for the taking, because love comes from within and grows to fill all potentials.

Wishing you lots of love and may your wellsprings never run dry!



Since February is the month of love, my three sweet Valentine romances, along with the rest of the Have Family gang, are on sale for 99c. The Harts are a large, caring, and busybody family of San Francisco firefighters. Book One, Christmas Lovebirds, is FREE, and all the rest are 99c.