Michal's Window

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Print Edition: 458 pages
Update [7/28/2014]: Ebooks at Amazon have all sensual passages removed. Original version is still available at all the other ebook vendors. Thanks!

Michal's Window

It’s not easy being a woman, least of all princess of Israel. Married as a prize, abandoned as a wife, Michal fights to claim her rightful spot next to King David, the man she loves with all her heart.

Separated by war, concubines, and kingdom politics, Michal embarks on a journey of adventure and heartache where she is befriended by a goddess-worshipping priestess and tempted by a Philistine prince.

From reading scrolls high atop the palace walls to seduction with a henna-painted body, Michal is not your ordinary Bible heroine. Join her in Michal’s Window and let her delight you with her courage, devotion, and outrageous passion in her relentless drive to win back her husband.

Reader's Reactions:

“So, once I let the modern feminist inside of me relax, I realized how timely her story is, because, sadly, many of the things she has to deal with are things that women still face today.”

“As a woman, every emotion I've ever had was weaved in Michal, causing me to cheer for this unsung heroine.”

“From the first page, a pretty grotesque first page, but just the way I like it, the author's skills were already made known. With the first sentence, she grabbed the readers attention, and from there will take you on a journey you will truly never, ever forget!”

“The author creates a plausible fictional account of Michal, used as a pawn by her father, abandoned for years by her lawful husband, David, and loved by two other men. She's passionate--oh those steamy romance scenes--but she's flawed.”

“Living in Israel, I'm familiar with this part of the history, still after reading Michal's Window, I feel I'd learned my people's history a great deal better!”

“As a man, I found the story gave me some insight into the mind of a woman, something that has been elusive most of my life and I dare say, most any man's life. Rachelle draws wonderful 'word pictures' that allows the reader to see, hear, feel, taste and smell the scenes.”

“I would say that NO teenage girl or unmarried woman should read this as it will only cause her to stumble in her thought life and fantasies.”

He finished and handed the harp to me, the frame still vibrating. His fingers toyed with my hair, and his warm breath caressed my face. His mouth drew near, eyes intent, seeking permission. Hesitant, my lips parted. Curious, my eyes closed. And his lips brushed the corners of my mouth, an invitation to taste, to touch, to hold. I accepted, and held my breath as his tongue slipped over mine. A flurry of tingles heated my face and trailed down to my toes. I clutched the harp, and I couldn’t move. Everything was possible, and the world was mine, and life was glorious. And at the center of it all was David.

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