Reading Guide

A Reading Guide for Rachelle Ayala Fiction and Non-Fiction, Reading Order, Date Published, Sensuality Level, Vendor Links
All of Rachelle’s books can be found on Amazon, while some are also available on Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Google Play, Smashwords, and Scribd. [Heat Level: Sweet, Mild, Steamy, see definitions at bottom of page.]

Have a Hart (Sweet)

Christmas Lovebirds [Buy Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]
Valentine Hound Dog [Buy Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]
Spring Fling Kitty [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]
Blue Chow Christmas [Buy Ebook] [Paperback] [Large Print]
Valentine Wedding Hound [Buy Ebook] [Paperback] [Large Print]
Summer Love Puppy (Mild) [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]

Bad Boys for Hire (Steamy)

Men of Spring Baseball

Playing the Rookie (Steamy) [Buy Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback]
Playing Without Rules (Steamy) [Buy Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Spanish Ebook] [Italian Ebook]
Playing Catch (Steamy) [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]

The Quarterback’s Heart (Steamy)

Intercepted by Love, Part 1 [Buy Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]
Intercepted by Love, Part 2 [Buy Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]
Intercepted by Love, Part 3 [Buy Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]
Intercepted by Love, Part 4 [Buy Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]
Intercepted by Love, Part 5 [Buy Ebook] [Paperback] [Large Print]
Intercepted by Love, Part 6 [Buy Ebook] [Paperback] [Large Print]
Boxed Set: Intercepted by Love (The Complete Collection) [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]

A Veteran’s Christmas (Sweet)

A Pet for Christmas [Buy Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print] [Italian Ebook]
A Wedding for Christmas [Buy Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]

Sapphire Falls: My Country Heart

Going Haywire (Steamy) [Buy Ebook]
Going Toe to Mistletoe (Steamy) [Buy Ebook]
Going Hearts Over Heels (Steamy) [Buy Ebook]
Going Gets Hot (Sweet) [Buy Ebook]

Sánchez Sisters (Steamy)

Taming Romeo [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]
Claiming Carlos [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]

Christmas Creek (Mild)

Deck the Hearts [Buy Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]
Her Christmas Chance [Buy Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]

Jingle Belles (Steamy)

Christmas Flirt [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]
Santa’s Pet [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]

Sports Romances (Steamy)

Played by Love (Soccer) [Buy Ebook] [Paperback] [Portuguese Ebook]
Roaring Hot! (Motorcycle Racing) [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]

Chance for Love Romantic Suspense

Broken Build (Mild) [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]
Hidden Under Her Heart (Sweet) [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]
Knowing Vera (Steamy) [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]


Michal’s Window (Mild) [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]
Black Tied (Sweet) [Paperback]

Jewells in Love (Steamy)

Whole Latte Love [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]

The Remingtons (Steamy)

Leap, Laugh, Love [Buy Ebook]
Blush of Love [Buy Ebook]

Laguna Beach (Mild)

Lucky in Laguna [Buy Ebook]


Your Daily Bible Verse [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]
Romance In A Month: Writing a Romance [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]
366 Ways to Know Your Character [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]
Love Stories: Writing a Novella [Buy Ebook] [Paperback]

Order Published
  1. Michal's Window - February 2012
  2. Your Daily Bible Verse - July 2012
  3. Broken Build - September 2012
  4. Hidden Under Her Heart - January 2013
  5. Knowing Vera - September 2013
  6. Taming Romeo - February 2014
  7. Whole Latte Love - April 2014
  8. Played by Love - July 2014
  9. Romance In A Month - July 2014
  10. Playing the Rookie - September 2014
  11. A Father for Christmas - September 2014
  12. Claiming Carlos - October 2014
  13. 366 Ways to Know Your Character - November 2014
  14. Roaring Hot! - December 2014
  15. Christmas Flirt - December 2014
  16. Playing Without Rules - January 2015
  17. Christmas Stray - February 2015
  18. Intercepted by Love Part 1 - March 2015
  19. Intercepted by Love Part 2 - April 2015
  20. Intercepted by Love Part 3 - May 2015
  21. The Remingtons: Leap, Laugh, Love - May 2015
  22. Intercepted by Love Part 4 - June 2015
  23. Intercepted by Love Part 5 - July 2015
  24. A Pet for Christmas - August 2015
  25. Intercepted by Love Part 6 - September 2015
  26. Santa's Pet - October 2015
  27. Christmas Lovebirds - November 2015
  28. Valentine Hound Dog - December 2015
  29. Love Stories: Writing a Romance Novella in Thirty Days or Less - December 2015
  30. Playing Catch - January 2016
  31. The Remingtons: Blush of Love - March 2016
  32. Bad Boys for Hire: Ryker - March 2016
  33. Spring Fling Kitty - June 2016
  34. Bad Boys for Hire: Ken - July 2016
  35. Lucky in Laguna - July 2016
  36. Deck the Hearts: A Christmas Creek Romance - October 2016
  37. Her Christmas Chance: A Christmas Creek Romance - October 2016
  38. Sapphire Falls: Going Haywire - October 2016
  39. Sapphire Falls: Going Toe to Mistletoe - October 2016
  40. Bad Boys for Hire: Nick - October 2016
  41. A Wedding for Christmas - December 2016
  42. Blue Chow Christmas - January 2017
  43. Valentine Wedding Hound - February 2017
  44. Sapphire Falls: Going Hearts over Heels - February 2017
  45. Playing for the Save - April 2017
  46. Black Tied - June 2017
  47. Going Gets Hot - July 2017
  48. Summer Love Puppy - September 2017

Heat Levels

Sweet: Kissing and non-graphic foreplay, but before clothes come off, the door is closed and the scene is cut.
Mild: Lovemaking is not graphically described. Emphasis is on feelings and emotions.
Steamy: Sex and lovemaking shown with naughty words for body parts. Love and lust intertwined, but couple is monogamous.

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