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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BROKEN BUILD (Silicon Valley Romantic Suspense) is EReader News Today Book of the Day

Book Of The Day – Broken Build [reblogged]

by GREG on OCTOBER 30, 2013
Today’s Book of the Day is a Romantic Suspense novel by bestselling author,Rachelle Ayala, and it’s 67% off for a very short time. Broken Build has a 3.8 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $2!
“Rachelle Ayala puts heart and soul into this intricate and suspenseful book as she takes you through a journey of the soul. A delightful and entertaining, thought-provoking read!” P.B. – Amazon Reviewer

Broken Build
by Rachelle Ayala
Rating: 3.8 Stars
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Price: $0.99 save $2

When a woman wrongs a man… can a man forgive and love?
Jennifer Cruz Jones thinks she can lay her past to rest. She’s landed her dream job at Silicon Valley’s hottest startup. Instead, she’s caught in a web of blackmail, murder, and broken code.
Startup founder David Jewell refuses to dwell on his past. When a man last seen with Jennifer is found dead, he takes a closer look at her. With investors losing confidence and his company in jeopardy, he is forced to protect Jennifer when she is attacked.
Together, David and Jennifer must thwart a killer while rescuing a victim from their past. Love blossoms, but a damaging revelation points straight at Jennifer and threatens to tear them apart forever.
Broken Build is a dramatic, multicultural romance mixed with a huge dose of chemistry, an unsolved murder, a missing child, and a relentless adversary.
Here’s what the reviewers have to say:
Broken Build is an exciting story full of twists and turns, murder and deception, with a steamy romance. Ms. Ayala has done it again by creating another riveting tale sure to keep you guessing!
The main characters are multi-faceted and overall deeply conflicted.Murder, intrigue and unknown people keep you on your toes while maintaining a quick paced storyline with a deep seeded romance. A great read, hard to put down.
Fast paced and mysterious–a page turner to the very end! Broken Build offers several twists and turns that leave the reader guessing. Highly recommended!
This is the second book I’ve read by Rachelle and it did not disappoint. A fun thrill ride of suspense will keep you interested and addicted. I read this book in just a couple of days, I couldn’t put it down. If you’re looking for a great Romantic Suspense book you have to read this one.
This book was every kind of book I enjoy all wrapped up into one. I stayed up late to read it and my hubby could barely even capture my attention. Kept me guessing and was awesome! I will be reading more from this author for sure!
Get Broken Build here: Broken Build

Sunday, February 17, 2013

#BookReview SUGAR'S DANCE by Katie Mettner

Sugar's DanceSugar's Dance by Katie Mettner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Family drama, a romance, and suspense thrown in. Sugar's Dance is a sweet and uplifting story. Sugar's life was shattered ten years ago on an icy bridge when a semi struck her family car, killing her parents and dance partner. She struggles with survivor's guilt and grief. Meanwhile, her friends were kidnapped by a dangerous drug kingpin and the police stake out Sugar's house. Sugar has to find the key and the evidence to put the druglord away, but not before losing her heart to her bodyguard, a charming Irishman named Van.

Van and Sugar share the same passion for ballroom dancing and music. And little by little, Van gets Sugar to open up to her feelings and tear down the walls she put up. Excitement builds with the cat and mouse game when Sugar singlehandedly brings down the drug boss. Unfortunately, with the danger past, Van leaves to take care of paperwork and Sugar finds her heart breaking all over again. Can she pull herself back into her shell and exist again? Or will true love bring them back together?

Sugar is surrounded by family and people who love and care for her. This story is about love, and how it triumphs over despair and grief. A significant subplot deals with disability and organ donation. Reading this book has made me think about organ donation and how by the death of one person, seven people can get off the transplant waiting lists and have a chance at life again.

Three recipes are given at the end of the book as an added bonus. A heartwarming story to be read in a cozy cabin in front of the fireplace.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#BookChat SOME OTHER CHILD by Sharon Buchbinder #mystery

Between taking care of her injured alcoholic mother and work, Sarah Wright, a pediatric nurse researcher, hasn’t a minute to herself, much less time for romance. But unbeknownst to Sarah, two little old ladies--her aunt and her ex-fiancĂ©’s mother--are conspiring to reunite Sarah with Dan Rosen, a brilliant and demanding surgeon. When her aunt goes missing, Sarah is convinced it’s a kidnapping, but the police refuse to investigate. Dan flies to Sarah’s side to help her, and it looks like things might come together—until Sarah is arrested for her aunt’s murder. As the evidence stacks up against her, Sarah must find the real culprits and unravel decades old family secrets along the way.

From the Author: SOMEOTHER CHILD was my first novel, the book of my heart. Drawing on my own family dramas, I placed the story in Baltimore using many famous landmarks and institutions as backdrops for the mystery and suspense.  I wrote the book between 2004 and 2005, at a point in my life when I knew I had to go back to my first love: writing fiction. SOME OTHER CHILD was beta read by my family, friends, colleague, and even a professor of literature. Based on their input, I revised the book. Then I tried to get it published. No luck. So, I hired a professional editor, who gave me great feedback. I revised the book, again.

Between revisions, I found Romance Writers of America and Maryland Romance Writers. I discovered the romance genre had a large umbrella that covered many subgenres. I put my first born book aside, despite many readers telling me I needed to get it published. I plunged into romance, writing and selling seven short stories and novellas. I pulled SOME OTHER CHILD out of the drawer, added more romance, and began re-submitting to romance publishers. After the third rejection, I decided to self-publish.  As you can well imagine, it was enormously gratifying to receive the Paranormal Romance Guild Best Mystery/Thriller Award for 2012.  The message to writers is: revise, revise, revise, and don't give up!

What Readers Say: Readers have called SOME OTHER CHILD a "compelling story," a "page-turner," "love, life, and family drama rolled wrapped in layers of lies and secrets." If you are looking for a compelling story with a message of forgiveness and a happy ending,  this book is for you.

Behind the scenes: One of the funny things that happened as I wrote this book is that I had to see if a particular scene in the book would work. I spent an afternoon falling into a pool with a foam cervical collar and puffed up plastic bags in my swim suit. My family and friends were laughing at me the whole time. The things we authors do for authenticity! [HINT: To find out what I'm talking about, read the reviews on Amazon!] 

Monday, January 7, 2013

#BookReview Of LOVE & Deception by Melisa Hamling #romanticsuspense

Of Love & DeceptionOf Love & Deception by Melisa M. Hamling
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an emotional journey! Daniella wants to forget her abusive ex-boyfriend and find love. When a handsome and charming man leaves roses at her workplace, she is swept off her feet. Unfortunately, her ex also leaves flowers--black roses--and he's not giving up on her.

This story takes you on a wild ride, and I do mean wild. From the pinnacle of happiness to the depths of despair, Daniella must learn to trust her instincts and survive the traps set by the maniacal villains.

The sex scenes are hot and plenty, and the hero, Cruz Canton, is determined and strong. Throughout the book, I was on Cruz's side, even when Daniella doubted him. Can't really give away the ending, but let's just say certain nursery rhymes will never be the same again.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

#BookChat Hailey's Truth by Cate Beauman #3 in Series #romanticsuspense


Hailey Roberts has never had it easy. Despite the scars of a tragic childhood, she’s made a life for herself. As a part-time student and loving nanny, she yearns for a family of her own and reluctant Austin Casey, Ethan Cooke Security’s best close protection agent.

Hailey’s past comes back to haunt her when her long lost brother tracks her down, bringing his dangerous secrets with him. At an emotional crossroads, Hailey accepts a humanitarian opportunity that throws her together with Austin, taking her hundreds of miles from her troubles, or so she thinks.

What starts out as a dream come true quickly becomes a nightmare as violence erupts on the island of Cozumel. Young women are disappearing, community members are dying—and the carnage links back to her brother. 

As Austin struggles to keep Hailey’s past from destroying her future, he’s forced to make a decision that could turn her against him, or worse cost them both their lives.

Words from the Author:
Music is a huge part of my writing process. I typically listen to Pandora while I create my stories and compile a collection of songs that I feel represent my characters or the situations they face as the novel unfolds. It’s a rare occasion that my creativity demands quiet (And that’s a good thing. I’m a mother of two boys. Quiet doesn’t happen in my house.).  ‘Wide Awake’ by Katy Perry, ‘Bare Naked’ by Jennifer Love Hewitt, ‘Wild Ones’ by Flo Rida ft. Sia, and ‘Stay’ by Safety Suit  were four of the many songs that ‘spoke’ to me while delving into Hailey and Austin’s journey in Hailey’s Truth.   

Reader reactions:
“WOW. My head is in a whirl from this one. From the high intensity of Suspense, down to the oh-so yummy Romance, by far, Hailey and Austin have the hottest freaking scenes of the three books!”  --Melisa Hamling, author and reader

“Damn you!!! I am sooo exhausted but I can't put Hailey's Truth down!!” –Cari Ordway, reader

What’s next:
I’m currently working on the fourth novel in The Bodyguards of L.A. County Series, Forever Alexa, which will debut in the Spring of 2013. We’ll follow Jackson Matthews, Ethan Cooke Security’s newest hottie with a great sense of humor, as he helps a woman from his past, Alexa Harris. When Alexa finds herself mixed up in the dangerous and disturbing world of human trafficking, she’ll have no choice but to turn to Jackson and reveal secrets she’s kept from him for the last four years. 

Visit Cate at her Amazon Author Page or at her website

All three of Cate's books are available at

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

#BookChat BROKEN BUILD by Rachelle Ayala #technothriller #romanticsuspense

Jen Cruz Jones hides a horrible secret behind her new degree, toned body, and exciting job at Silicon Valley’s hottest startup—until a man linked to her past is killed by a hit-and-run.

CEO and founder Dave Jewell is about to land a huge deal. He doesn’t need blood on his car, threatening phone calls, and Jen wrapped in broken code and blackmail.

A gang of thugs hunts Jen, and she takes refuge in Dave’s protective arms. Together, they must thwart a killer and rescue an innocent victim from their past. Love blossoms, but a damaging revelation points straight at Jen, threatening to tear them apart forever. 

From the Author
The premise is simple. Find the worst thing that can ever happen to a man. Have a woman be responsible for it. Put them together, mix in a huge dose of chemistry, an unsolved murder and industrial espionage and let nature take its course. I won't say what Jen did to Dave, but it's bigger than breaking his heart or sleeping with his best friend. It's the kind of agony no one gets over with. The idea to this story actually came to me when I was critiquing another friend's manuscript. I suggested upping the stakes in her story by having the woman be at fault in the situation rather than just a bystander. My friend did not take the bait. Maybe it was too over the top. But I found a nice situation to run with.

Reader's Reactions
"Plenty of twists and turns for every reader. Did I mention that Dave is a bit of a playboy? All I can say is yummy! The chemistry between the pair sizzles."

"I enjoyed Jen. She has everything a woman wants--a great body, a great job. Her only problem is her damaging secrets! I like that Ayala developed a strong woman who can make it on her own even though she loves Dave and will more than likely lose him when he figures out that she's responsible for much of the turmoil in his life."

"From reading the other reviews there seems to be no middle ground on this one. You love it or you hate it. Hated it. Too many convolutions, extraneous characters, etc. The tech speak got to be tiresome and I know tech. ... It seems the author has a working knowledge of computers. She should stick to a job in that field and forget writing stories."

Behind the Scenes
On the surface, a "broken build" refers to a non-functioning software system during the development and test phase of a project. It causes untold stress, finger pointing, tiger team investigations, and long overnight hours to fix. It a symptom of underlying problems including superficial management, lack of adequate infrastructure and of course, bad teamwork.

On the spiritual level, a "broken build" is a person who has lost all of his bearings. He has wandered far from God, relied on his own wits, and made a complete failure of his life. King David experienced both heady success as a national hero and abject degradation as a morally depraved murderer. In Psalm 51, he cries to the LORD with a broken spirit and lays his human wisdom aside. He empties himself of pride and self-esteem. And when he cries to God in his brokenness, God is pleased to bind his wounds, heal him, and make him rejoice.

Surprised? Broken Build is ultimately a story of redemption and healing. Both Dave and Jen must hit bottom, stop making excuses, and admit their own faults before they can rejoice in the new life God grants them.

Are you excited to read this spiritual dimension in Broken Build? I have Good News. Broken Build is free on Amazon for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. While the datacenter burns on Thanskgiving Day and Jen struggles to rescue the Black Friday Build that will determine the company's survival, you could be hitting the Amazon servers with umpteen downloads of Broken Build.

Download Now [FREE Nov 22-23] and enjoy it with your turkey leftovers and early morning shopping. Please leave me a comment on how YOU deal with a broken build.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

#BookChat Falling For Sarah by Cate Beauman #romanticsuspense

Widow Sarah Johnson struggled to pick up the pieces after her life was ripped apart.  After two years of grieving, she’s found contentment in her thriving business as photographer to Hollywood’s A-list and in raising her angel-faced daughter, Kylee…until bodyguard and long-time friend Ethan Cooke changes everything with a searing moonlight kiss.
Sarah’s world turns upside down as she struggles with her unexpected attraction to Ethan and the guilt of betraying her husband’s memory.  But when blue roses and disturbing notes start appearing on her doorstep, she has no choice but to lean on Ethan as he fights to save her from a stalker that won’t stop until he has what he prizes most.

Words from the author:
I love to watch people and am fascinated with psychology—two key components to great character development in my mind. It’s fun to sit at a mall, airport, restaurant, or any of the other various places  people surround us in everyday life and observe. Creating compelling characters is a true skill and one I find great joy in. It’s such a thrill to meet my characters and discover what really drives them. While writing Falling for Sarah, I found myself diving into dark and disturbing depths to bring the main villain to life.  On more than one occasion he disturbed me so much I brought my laptop to bed because I was too afraid to stay up alone after my husband and children had gone to sleep for the night.  

Behind the scenes:
After completing Morgan’s Hunter, Ethan and Sarah begged me to share their story, but I didn’t know where I wanted to take them. I had the end result in mind, but there are a lot of pages to fill between a beginning and an end. That all changed one night when I went to the kitchen for a glass of water. As I turned off the faucet I looked up and caught a glimpse of our porch pillar through the window.  For a moment, I’d thought someone was there. I had the ‘spooks’ after watching a particularly disturbing documentary on serial killers. Of course, I laughed it off but I asked myself, ‘What would it feel like to be watched? What would it be like to look up and see someone in the window that didn’t belong?’  My imagination took over and the ideas started flowing. The next day, I started my research on the inner workings of a true sociopath. Falling for Sarah quickly came together not long after.

Reader Reactions:
“I just read the best book!! Falling for Sarah. It is a must read!  --Shannon Dennett, reader

“I’m reading Falling for Sarah and damn you! Stop making me cry! I have to skim because if I absorb all the details I will blubber. You are wonderful at invoking my emotions.” –Jami Snider, reader

This story moved me in so many ways. I cried and laughed, gasped, and at times wanted to smack Sarah and Ethan in the head!! There are so many different kinds of love written into this novel, and some heartbreaking denial of this love.” --Pat Fordyce, reader and reviewer

Visit Cate at her Amazon Author Page or at her website

All three of Cate's books are available at

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Friday, November 9, 2012

#BookChat Hot New Romantic Suspense Morgan's Hunter by Cate Beauman

About the Book:   Morgan Taylor, D.C. socialite and wildlife biologist, leads a charmed life until everything changes with a phone call. Her research team has been found dead—slaughtered—in backcountry Montana.

As the case grows cold, Morgan is determined to unravel the mystery behind her friends’ gruesome deaths. Despite the dangers of a murderer still free, nothing will stand in her way, not even the bodyguard her father hires, L.A.’s top close protection agent, Hunter Phillips.
Sparks fly from the start when no-nonsense Hunter clashes with Morgan’s strong-willed independence. Their endless search for answers proves hopeless—until Hunter discovers the truth.

On the run and at the mercy of a madman, Morgan and Hunter must outsmart a killer to save their own lives.
Words from the Author:

I’m a writing addict. There’s no other word for it. Scenes and characters are constantly crowding my head waiting for their turn to appear on my laptop! My goal as an author is pretty simple: I want to write entertaining stories my readers can get lost in and develop characters everyone will feel strongly for—one way or the other. I hope I’ve accomplished that with Morgan’s Hunter and the other novels available in The Bodyguards of L.A. County Series. If I’ve entertained my audience even a little bit (although I hope I’ve entertained you a lot of bit), I know I’ve done my job. The best compliments I receive are e-mails from readers cursing me for keeping them up well into the night.
Reader’s Reaction:

“I'm HOOKED!!!! AND I'll be screaming it from the rooftops!!! You get my VOTE!!! Keep writing! WOW!!! That's all my sleepy head has to say this morning!!! It's not very often I stay up really late to read a book - a few pages maybe, but when you can't put it down???? I mean really can't put it down. Who writes like this? What an imagination and a way with words.... The reader’s world has needed this! Thanks! Thanks a million!”
Linda Bolte, Reader

“This is a fast paced suspenseful novel that grabs you and doesn't let you go till the end.”
Pat Fordyce, Reader

“I get less than 6 hours of sleep a day because of work and kids and I am missing sleep because of your books!”
Jami Snider, Reader

Behind the scenes:

I never knew I wanted to be a writer. I never even conceived the notion until a magical day in October 2010. My life had gone to hell in a hand basket. My family and I had just moved thousands of miles from our home in New Hampshire. I quit a job I hated shortly after we arrived. Things weren’t pretty at the Beauman house, but as I crawled into bed late one night, I decided (literally out of nowhere) that I was going to write a novel.  Morgan’s Hunter was born shortly thereafter. A little over two years later, with three novels under my belt and three stints on Amazon’s Hot 100 New Releases, I still haven’t figured out where the burning desire to write came from; heck, I didn’t even know I could write, but I know now I never want to do anything else.

Please find out more about Cate at her blog:

All three of Cate's books are available at

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Monday, November 5, 2012

#BookReview The Bodyguards of L.A. County Series by Cate Beauman

Morgan's Hunter (The Bodyguards of L.A. County #1)Morgan's Hunter by Cate Beauman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Who wouldn't love spunky Morgan and taciturn, but oh so hunky Hunter? Morgan has suffered a tragic loss. Her beloved friends were mysteriously killed while researching in a national park.

Hunter has also suffered tragic grief when his unit is ambushed in Afghanistan, resulting in the death of his best friend.

While Morgan frets about her missing friends, Hunter's only job is to keep Morgan safe. He does not share her enthusiasm for either wildlife studies nor snooping at the ranger station for clues. Neither can tolerate each other while being forced to live in close quarters.

Sparks fly as danger stalks, and Morgan finds out the hard way the depth of Hunter's protective feelings and how much he cares.

An exciting story of survival and healing with a healthy helping of sweet scenes. I especially love the tinfoil rings improvised from campground trash. An awesome debut novel from an author to look forward to.

Falling for Sarah (The Bodyguards of L.A. County #2)Falling for Sarah by Cate Beauman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An emotional journey from friendship to true love. Sarah's husband Jake was killed in Afghanistan while his best friend Ethan took his place in the delivery room. The day Sarah brought baby Kylee home, she learned about Jake's death. Fortunately Ethan was on hand to comfort her.

A rapist with a fetish for blonde women stalks Sarah. Ethan must fight his growing feelings for Sarah while protecting her from an unknown enemy.

What I liked about this book was the push and pull of their relationship as it changed from platonic friendship to romantic love. They teetered between unable to resist to unwilling to risk losing their comfortable friendship.

Ethan's scene holding Kylee while viewing the ultrasounds was the most tender and touching moment. I just knew he would never play favoritism for his own baby above Kylee. To me, a man with a big heart is worth more than all the money and talent in the world. And Ethan is my type of hero, worried about his own ability to give Sarah a happy family, while wanting so desperately to have her in his life.

Hailey's Truth (The Bodyguards of L.A. County #3)Hailey's Truth by Cate Beauman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hailey's got big trouble, only she's too blinded by guilt to see it. Austin knows the score, but he's afraid Hailey would push him away. Both of the characters are young and hyper emotional. They swing between blaming the other and shutting off their feelings.

The danger surrounding them is very real and frightening. Austin tries to protect Hailey, but she refuses to believe the truth about her brother and his associates.

In a tightly knit plot full of cruel and vicious scenes, Hailey wanders in a haze of charitable feelings for the main villain, believing him to be a good-natured philanthropist, while Austin fights his to control his feelings for Hailey.

The ending for this fast paced book is explosive and unforgettable with a dangerous and thrilling covert rescue operation.

View all my reviews

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Friday, November 2, 2012

#BookChat Always & Forever by Chantel Rhondeau

Lilly Price is a former socialite, running from a horrible past.  When a man broke into her house and attacked her one night, her fiancĂ© went missing, presumed dead.  Suspicion turned to Lilly when the police discovered her motive for murder, that Charles had been physically abusing her. With the assumption that she hired a hit man to rid herself of Charles, Lilly spent two months in jail awaiting trial. The circumstantial evidence against her was too shaky for a conviction, so Lilly fled her former high-society life to settle in a small lakeside community, hoping to rebuild her life in anonymity.

Zach Woodbridge had problems of his own, widowed three years earlier after an unhappy five-year marriage.  When Zach’s family insisted he start dating again, he came up with a plan to hire Lilly, a pretend girlfriend for the summer.  All he wants is to write his novel in peace, but his mother’s likely to drive him mad if he doesn’t appear to be making an effort at love.  It doesn’t take Zach long to realize spending time with Lilly only on family outings will not be enough for him.
When Lilly notices a car following her and then receives a threatening phone call, the couple wonders whether Charles died at all...and what lengths he will go to in an effort to get Lilly back.

Words from the author:
Although a big talking point of my book it the fact that Lilly is a woman healing from a domestic violence situation, the most important part of my book (and what made me want to write it) is the relationship between Zach and Lilly.  Zach is a sweet, compassionate man who is just the right person to show Lilly what love is really about.  At the same time, Lilly is the perfect counterpart to prove to Zach that trust and honesty aren’t as black and white as he thought they were.

Reader Reactions:
“Captivating, exciting, suspenseful and hot are just a few words I can safely use to describe this book. Chantel Rhondeau had me enthralled from the very first pages, and I found it extremely difficult to put this one down.

Domestic abuse has always been a touchy subject for me, and I am so glad Chantel depicted it so very well.”

“Throughout the book, I wasn't sure who to trust. There are some sinister characters who make for some chilling reading. If you're currently being stalked, you may want to give this a miss as the tension in those scenes would be unbearable for anyone in that situation.”

“The love story between Lily and Zach was great. Lots of sizzle and romance with the perfect amount of passion. This story has it all and will keep you happily engrossed from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend this book!”

Behind the Scenes:
Shortly after publishing Always & Forever, Anora McGaha contacted me (editor of the online magazine Women Writers, Women Books) through Twitter. They were posting articles through the month of October to raise awareness about Domestic Violence and asked me to write one explaining why I chose to write about an abused woman and what reader reactions have been. I submitted When Love Twists To Abuse and it posted October 24th. It was sad but also heartening to read the stories of the other women at the magazine (most of whom have overcome being abused). It was also an opportunity to try something different (as I'd never written a magazine article before or even really considered it) and I appreciated being included in their efforts to raise awareness.

Readers can find out more about Chantel at her Amazon Author Page

Always & Forever is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

#NewRelease Debut Author Cate Beauman Hits it Out of the Park

My friend Cate Beauman just published three books. And what's even better, all three of them made it into the Amazon Top 100 Hot New Releases in Romantic Suspense category.

Morgan's Hunter surged to #28, Falling for Sarah #44 and Hailey's Truth to #72 as of Monday, October 15! Simply Incredible!

You can find out more about Cate and read excerpts at her website.

These three hot and exciting books are available at Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook.

Amazon Links: Morgan's Hunter, Falling for Sarah, Hailey's Truth
B&N Links: Morgan's Hunter, Falling for Sarah, Hailey's Truth

What an awesome accomplishment! I'm so excited for her and happy that she allowed me to beta read all three books. Love 'em! Won't tell you more except you should download them all right now. What's even more exciting is there are three more books in the works. Bring them on, Cate!

Please leave a comment and congratulate Cate.

Friday, October 12, 2012

#BookReview Roll the Dice by Mimi Barbour

Roll The Dice by Mimi Barbour
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Aurora Morelli has a mission to bring her partner's rapist to justice. What she didn't expect was that her new partner, Kai, had vengeance on his mind.

They start on the wrong foot, with Kai shooting Aurora in the arm while the villain escapes. More victims surface and Aurora and Kai are always one step behind. But their chemistry is impossible to ignore. Their vulnerabilities mesh, each fulfilling unspoken needs of the other. The stakes escalate through out the book, ending in an explosive showdown.

What I liked about this book was the fantastic voice of the characters, especially Aurora and Kai. She's a no nonsense type of gal but is smart enough not to ignore her intuition. The clues were perfectly placed, and I was able to figure out the eventual victim by noting what the characters missed. And the ending was emotional, even in a creepy sort of way. Ms. Barbour's characters are not one-dimensional, and the poignant story told at the end to the villain was truly tragic.

I really enjoyed this story. The pacing was fast, the dialogue and voice superb, and the chemistry was hot. Can't wait for the sequel.

For more books from Mimi, check out her Amazon Author Page
ROLL THE DICE is available at AMAZON.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Three Women: Three Spellbinding Stories

Kandi, a young adult who is haunted by a past she doesn’t even remember – a memory that she has repressed – goes to college, expecting the best times of her life, yet finds herself being tormented by her Biology teacher.  She doesn’t understand why, so she finds solace in her best friend, Jimmy.

She loves Jimmy, more than anything.  They have been best friends for years.  He’s a cop, and she finds him extremely attractive in his uniform.  But, he’s overprotective.  Way too overprotective.  He won’t let her go anywhere without accompanying her, and she’s surprised that he allowed her to move to college without following her.  She doesn’t understand why he’s the way he is until the memory resurfaces.

Then, her entire world comes crashing down, knowing why her Biology teacher hates her.  She cannot bear the memory, and she wants nothing more but to repress it again.  She now must pierce her way out of the darkness.

Piercing Through The Darkness by Emerald Barnes is available from Amazon.

Jennifer Cruz Jones isn't exactly a criminal. She just made a few bad choices--lying to the police, withholding evidence, oh, and making sure her boss didn't recognize her as the girl who destroyed his life--even after a hot bit of tongue wrestling.

Believing herself unworthy of love, she hides behind her computer wizardry, incessant exercise and a new identity. Unfortunately, a blackmailer threatens her and a killer stalks her.

When she runs out of excuses and diversions, Jennifer risks her life and heart by exposing her darkest, most devastating secret.

She discovers that love is not true unless it knows the truth.

Broken Build by Rachelle Ayala is available at Amazon.

Amanda so young, innocent and naive , finds herself moving from one emotional and abuse relationship to another as she enters into adulthood. When she meets Josh, she finally believes she has found true love, a man who will love her for who she is and protect her. Little does she know after only a few shorts years her world with spin out of control into an another emotionally draining abusive relationship.

Amanda denies what stares her in the face, like any victim she believes she deserves the abuse she receives.  Will someone finally be able to reach her and make her understand the direness of her situation before it is to late we find out whether she'll live or die?

Whether I'll Live or Die by Stacy Eaton is available at Amazon.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

#NewRelease: Mimi Barbour's Vegas Series #RomanticSuspense

Release for hot, new "Vegas" Series – Are you feeling lucky?


This is release day for the new romantic suspense
Vegas Series by Mimi Barbour

  "Partners" Book One in the new Romantic Suspense Vegas Series. 

Riveting and fast-paced, this short blockbuster will introduce you to Aurora Morelli and Kai Lawson, the characters who are the stars of the Vegas Series.
In this novel, Aurora is forced to accept one very difficult fact—she's lonesome for her partner Debbie. An attack by a maniac put paid to their working together and Aurora is pissed. She's out to get the madman who hurt her friend and God help anyone who gets in her way.  Therefore when a new partner is forced on her, a bloody hotshot no less, the kind of dude she always stays as far away from as possible, she's even more pissed.
This action–packed short is humorous and will sweep you into the lives of these Las Vegas Detectives.
Short Excerpt – Chapter One

So this is what missing someone feels like. Kind of sad and lonely mashed together, eating away at you all day long. Aurora had never felt this way before; wouldn’t have given herself permission. This time the annoying ache refused to stop.
She seldom allowed gloomy thoughts to grab hold and mess with her head. But looking around the small office assigned to her and another, seeing the empty desk, sorrow gnawed away until she gave in. Her old partner Deb left behind a hollow emptiness, a sensation she wouldn’t ever admit to anyone else. What did you expect? She chastised herself. Not having the person you trust more than anyone else in the world backing you up sucked big time.
Two weeks ago, life had been normal. She’d gone to get a cup of the sludge they called coffee and left Debbie working on their backlog of case files. Returning to their office, Lieutenant Cory Ashton had caught up with her and they’d stepped into the room together, both coming to a dead stop. Debbie, who’d lately taken to the layered look with sloppy clothes, had bent over to pick something up from the floor and everything had draped open— her pregnant belly had been revealed for all to see.

 "Roll the Dice" Book Two in the romantic suspense Vegas Series.
“You shot me!” Aurora is incensed. Her new partner shrugs and answers. “I saved your life.” From the very first page of this riveting story, these two battle for supremacy in trying to catch the serial rapist who ripped both their lives apart. With all her might, she fights the attraction to his baby blues that tease and start her internal warning devices humming. After all, her job is her life and determination has always been her lifeline.

Kai has a mission of honor to undertake. The man who’d raped his sister can’t be allowed to live. After all, she hadn’t! Revenge fills his soul while visions of his new partner fills his heart. The sassy woman rattles his calm, and he can’t keep his hands to himself. Doesn’t mean she has the power to stop him from doing what has to be done.
Short Excerpt – Chapter One

“You shot me!”
“You told me to.”
“Dumb shit!” Aurora pushed her new partner from hovering over her so she could sit up. “I didn't mean it. I just wanted you to scare Rhondo.” She felt blood poring from the wound on her arm and purposely kept her head turned away.
“Shooting you did scare him. He let you go, didn't he?”
Aurora frowned at him. Why did his voice have to sound so damn reasonable?
“What-ever!” She hoped her scorn would get to him.
“Hey! I saw his eyes, you didn’t.  He had every intention of using that knife. You know, the sharp one he had pressed against your throat. If I’d shot him instead of you…” He shrugged.
Aurora shuddered, fighting off nausea. She didn’t want to listen to reason. Being angry made the situation a whole lot easier to deal with. Sarcasm, the best weapon she had in a macho man's environment, replaced whining.
She glared at him and saw his shapely eyebrows rise. The light of the bulb hanging from the ceiling of the cruddy apartment haloed his head making the bare skin shine.  “Just my frigging luck to end up with a partner who thinks and looks like Bruce Willis."
Kai chuckled. Her glower put a quick end to his merriment. He tried changing the subject with sweet talk. "I've been told I have a nicely shaped head for being bald."
"Sure and it goes swell with your baby-blue eyes." She sneered on purpose. No way would she admit he did look good.
His response was a grunt of displeasure. “Are you always this crabby?”
Disbelief shone in her amazed expression. “Not at all…” She said, disdain evident. “…only when I’ve been shot.”

"Vegas" Contest Rules
(Sept 15 – Sept 30th)

1. Read the book called "Roll the Dice".
2. Write an honest review for Amazon.
3. Send a copy of Amazon's notice to

you'll have a chance at being the lucky winner of a
$50 Amazon Gift Certificate

I've purposely set the price of the book down to $.99 for this contest and on Sept 19 & 20 it will be promoted in the

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Good Luck!!!

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#Readers React to BROKEN BUILD: Silicon Valley Romantic Suspense

Reader Reactions
are HOT!

Silicon Valley Romantic Suspense
Hot new Silicon Valley romantic suspense grabs you by the seat of the *pants* and doesn't let up until the final push.

Keeps you up way past bedtime, chasing bad guys and falling in love.

Jen Jones has a terrible secret and when her past collides with her future, things heat up.

A fun thrill ride of suspense will keep you interested and addicted.

A smart & fascinating read with vivid writing and a very likeable main character

Secrets emerge, lies unfold... will love prevail?

A suspenseful - romance with plenty of mind-bending mysteries to keep you guessing and begging for the truth.

Amazing chemistry, and Dave always worrying about Jen, so romantic!

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#CharacterInterview Lilly Price from ALWAYS AND FOREVER #RomanticSuspense by @ChantelRhondeau

Who's that sexy redhead on the cover of Chantel Rhondeau's debut novel, Always & Forever?

Lilly Price is a very private woman, a woman with a painful past. It wasn't easy for her to do this interview, but with the resolution of her story, she has started the recovery process.

Lilly, glad to have you here. When you first met Zach, could you tell right away that he was not the kind of man who'd be abusive to women?

Ummm…well, I hoped he was a good man, but it is hard to tell. He seemed nice, not to mention sexy. I was immediately attracted to him. He always treated me good when he came to visit his grandmother, but sometimes I worry whether I know how to judge anyone’s character anymore. Charles fooled me for a long time before he showed me his dark side.

Why was it so hard for you to tell Zach about your past? After all, you hadn't hurt him.

It’s difficult to talk about my life with Charles. I’m so ashamed of what I allowed to happen for so long. Besides, no one ever believes my side of the story. I didn’t know if Zach would believe me or believe the cops’ version of what happened the night Charles was murdered. Also, I was afraid once he learned what I let Charles do to me, Zach might be so disgusted he’d never speak to me again.

What do you really feel about your father? Is there anything you wish you could tell him?

I love Stewart, I really do. I just wish he loved me back. I often felt worthless in his eyes. I knew from a young age, if I didn’t find some way to be helpful to him, he didn’t want me around. Being myself was never enough. I wish he would have hugged me once in a while and called me his angel. My life might have turned out differently if I knew how to recognize love earlier on.

Zach has definitely help you there, hasn't he? What one trait of Zach's is your favorite? How about one thing he does that peeves you?

There is definitely a lot to admire about that man--his sexy green eyes and gorgeous body are just the beginning. It's hard to pick just one thing, but Zach’s a true gentleman. He opens car doors, takes my arm when we are walking. He treats me like a queen. That's what I love most about him. If he has one failing, I would say it’s his tendency to be a bit arrogant. He says things without thinking, especially when it comes to money. We fight about that sometimes. However, I love him so much, I can put up with a little bit of arrogance.

A tad bit of arrogance from a hot guy is kind of cute. Now for the more painful bit. Tell me about domestic abuse. I've never experienced it. What is the hardest step to take in the recovery process?

This is a tough topic. I don’t know how to explain it properly. Charles was so convincing about everything he said. He was like a salesman selling snake oil. I was so brainwashed by him to the point that I believed it was okay he hit me. I starting thinking I deserved the beatings I received. I tried to get away once, but he threatened to kill my father. I just gave up. I decided to do whatever I could to please Charles and keep him happy.

The recovery process has been hard. Some days, I’m still not okay. Slowly, I’m gaining back my self-esteem and self-confidence though. The most important thing is to forgive myself for my actions, and learn to love myself again. I’m worth so much more than he led me to believe. I know that now. I’m ready to start my life with Zach and find happiness.

I wish I’d know there were places to turn to and get help. Maybe I could have escaped him sooner. I hope other people who find themselves in my predicament can find support and get away from their abusers.

Every victim always feels so alone, and taking that first step to talk about it, or even to admit it is happening is hard. There are organizations that will help. No one should have to suffer in silence.

Resources: National Domestic Violence Hotline:  Phone number 1-800-799-SAFE(7233) or visit their website at

Thank you, Lilly for sharing your experiences with us. I just wanted to let you know that I cheered for you through the book.

Always and Forever is available at Amazon. Please follow Chantel Rhondeau's blog hop by visiting Melinda Dozier's Blog on Sept 17th for a Book Spotlight.